EVERSANA employs a team of over 2500 professionals across 27 locations around the world. From industry-leading patient service and adherence support to global pricing and revenue management, our team informs the strategies that matter the most to our clients and perform superior services that create value across the product life cycle.

Articles by EVERSANA Team

The New Roaring 20s: How Outsourced Commercialization is the Revolution We Need

The “Great Gatsby Era” was an exciting time of new prosperity, infinite creativity and dramatic social change. Long-standing social norms and traditions gave way to the “mass culture” and consumerism that modernized American society. “What will they think of next?” was a popular expression that defined the era. On the 100-year anniversary of this revolutionary […]

Trends Disrupting Life Sciences in 2020

From the commercialization of digital medicines to the evolution of value-driven healthcare – our thought leaders deliver insight on the trends impacting the life science industry that will continue to shape our thinking well in 2020 and beyond. Take a look at the trends we’re tracking by clicking on the links below: The Transformative Promise […]

Ask the Expert – Digital Therapeutics

From reimbursement strategies, distribution, dispensing, patient engagement and adherence programs, EVERSANA offers integrated solutions to alleviate the barriers facing the adoption of digital therapeutics. Mike Ryan, Executive Vice President of Europe and Asia Pacific, discusses how EVERSANA is leading the commercialization of digital therapeutics with an innovative and nimble commercial model valuable to patients, providers […]

WHAT IF… We Broke the Silos Throughout Pre- to Post-Commercialization?

In their special November/December issue, PharmaVOICE asked industry leaders to think beyond the status quo and provide insight into what needs to happen to achieve aspirational goals and evolve the healthcare industry in 2020. In the feature article titled, What if…” PharmaVOICE turns to their community of thought leaders to weigh in on their own […]

After FDA Approval, Can Gene Therapies Achieve Marketing Success?

Without a doubt, gene therapy is transforming healthcare by revolutionizing patient care from conventional treatment models to curative therapy models. There are more than 7,000 distinct types of rare and genetic diseases and 400+ million individuals suffering from a rare disease. With a market that is fragmented, there is a need for an innovative, end-to-end […]

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