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Articles by EVERSANA Team

Novel Antibiotic Opportunity in China

China, with its large population and extensive healthcare system, is the second-highest user of antibiotics in the world. Such widespread use has inevitably led to high levels of antibiotic resistance in the population. When isolated, it becomes clear that a significant majority of the infecting bacteria are gram-negative. Within these bacteria, antibiotic resistance has grown […]

Assessing the Feasibility of ITCs

When looking at different healthcare interventions for a disease, there may be limited direct evidence on how the treatments compare with each other in terms of their efficacy, tolerability or another measure of interest. In this video, EVERSANA’s Chris Drudge, MPH, PhD, Associate Project Manager – Value and Evidence, shares how indirect treatment comparisons (ITCs) […]

Simplifying EU Distribution to Maximize Cost Efficiency and Speed to Market for Patients and Manufacturers

COVID-19 ignited a spark of innovation in the healthcare industry, forcing global markets to reconsider drug development and commercialization processes. The European Union (EU), specifically, is taking carefully planned steps into a new phase of pharma with recent changes, including the Pharmaceutical Strategy for Europe. But one element of the European pharma industry that remains […]

Digital Therapeutics: Where Technology Meets Healthcare

Digital health is growing rapidly across the world, supported by technologies that not only assist disease monitoring or prevention but can also reduce the healthcare burden. Digital technologies have improved equity of access and enabled European patients to monitor and self-manage their health. It has improved efficiency, effectiveness and quality of patient care while also […]

Adapting Patient Access Programs to Asia

In Western markets, pharmaceutical companies have developed many approaches to patient access programs (PAPs), normally emphasizing initiatives that, while helping patients, also support pricing and reimbursement initiatives, such as: Early access programs before market authorization. Financial access initiatives before achieving reimbursement. Value-based contracts, managed-entry agreements or outcomes-based programs for achieving reimbursement. Non-financial assistance post-reimbursement. The […]

Navigating the Transition to Post-Approval Pharmacovigilance With EVERSANA and ArisGlobal

Partnering with a contract research organization (CRO) provider during clinical development fills an important role in the product life cycle, providing pharmaceutical companies with pharmacovigilance expertise and support during clinical trials. After product approvals, it can be tempting for companies to remain with their CRO partner; however, the commercial phase of the product life cycle […]

Case Study: Launching a New Therapy for HER2-Positive Metastatic Breast Cancer

When MacroGenics partnered with EVERSANA, they had less than five months to launch their first product in the midst of the global pandemic. To meet their timeline and streamlined launch, MacroGenics needed a commercialization partner with an end-to-end platform that would allow them to build their capabilities expeditiously and strategically.

The Patient Access Paradox: How the New CMS Rule Could Prioritize Drug Pricing Before Clinical Decision-Making

In January 2023, co-pay programs will be put to the test, consequently examining how well your brand can adapt to the Final Rule changes to meet patient and provider needs. Our recommendation: Don’t wait – start solutioning a patient-centric approach to access and affordability now.

Fearless in Pharma: Addressing Unmet Medical Needs Through Bold Innovation

5,789 new oncology products are currently in development, with 3,677 in phases I and II. Science continues to evolve and provide more patients life-changing therapies, but the commercialization model of these new therapies has not changed in decades – until now. Innovation demands disruptive thinking, and our experts agree. EVERSANA’s Ellen Cappellino sat down with […]

A SpaceX Philosophy to Launching in Pharma

In thinking about the economics around the launch of pharmaceutical products, it is useful to compare the situation to another area that has seen its economics evolve in recent years: space travel. For decades, the only reusable space vehicle was NASA’s space shuttle. When the space shuttle was in operation, it could launch a payload […]

Considering a Virtual Advisory Board as a Viable, Cost-Effective Option for PMR Planning

Advisory boards are key in helping pharmaceutical manufacturers refine product positioning and guide value messaging throughout the product life cycle. Like many processes this year, advisory boards have been impacted by the pandemic’s travel restrictions and have been unable to convene as traditional in-person meetings, but the need for their thought leadership remains.  As manufacturers adapt, leaders might feel limited to multiple one-on-one discussions with board members or be struggling with the number of challenges associated with virtual meetings:  […]

The Rise of Digital Therapeutics Opportunities in China

The expansion of digital health technologies is growing exponentially and has increased through the pandemic.  One focus for investment for this therapeutic area is China, where digital growth has outpaced most of the western world in areas such as e-commerce. While such growth is exciting, business models that offer returns are less understood.  EVERSANA’s global commercialization experts explain how we’re examining the Chinese market to help our […]

Transform Your Medical Information Contact Center Into a Strategic Asset for Customer Engagement

The pharmaceutical industry is constantly evolving, and manufacturers are re‑strategizing, embracing technology and innovation, to meet the needs of the providers and patients they serve. Successful product launches on a global scale are critical for manufacturers to reach more patients and providers. As a result, manufacturers are streamlining operations, relying on fewer vendors and service […]

PharmaVOICE Webinar: Next Gen Commercialization Model for Oncology

In a new 60-minute virtual panel, “Next Gen Commercial Models in Oncology,” PharmaVOICE Editor Taren Grom sat down with industry leaders to discuss how changing market dynamics and a rich pipeline in oncology are creating a need for next gen commercial models.

Engaging Oncology Patients and Providers in The Age of COVID And Beyond

The engagement model for oncology patients and providers is failing, and challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic have only accelerated the trend. Not only are pharmaceutical reps restricted in the types of information they are allowed to communicate, but their access to providers in oncology practices is also more limited than ever as a result of COVID and productivity concerns.

Informing NAMs Payer Strategies and Improving Contracts With Integrated Commercial Services

Pharmaceutical manufacturers rely on national account managers (NAMs) to build relationships, negotiate contracts and get their products in front of payers and pharmacy benefit managers who will clear the way for patient treatment coverage. Challenges Facing NAMs Typically, NAMs rely on the customer or the health plan to direct contracting strategies and product expectations, and […]

Revolutionizing FRMs With Data Connectivity and Commercial Services Integration

FRMs, sometimes referred to as field reimbursement specialists or patient experience specialists, are the key drivers in patient pre-authorization and billing and coding processes, and play a vital role in the prescription and adoption of specialty drugs. While field reps focus on selling, FRMs focus solely on supporting healthcare provider (HCP) offices and helping office […]

3 Ways Field Teams Can Shape the Market Before and After Product Launch

“It is not how much you have or know, or even who you know; it is how well you adapt to the inevitable changes along the way. As Heraclitus, the Greek philosopher, said, ‘Change is the only constant in life.’” – Marc P. Bernarducci, Senior Vice President of Field Solutions – Clinical Field Medical (FM) […]

The Secret’s Out: The Impact of Net Price Transparency

Pricing system pressures are increasing for the top four markets in Europe. Price transparency, changes to public health plans and curative therapies are set to disrupt traditional drug pricing. To navigate this ever-shifting landscape, companies must carefully consider product adoption and launch sequencing, and understand the potential impact that net price transparency might have. In […]

Audit From Anywhere: Upgrade Your Quality System Audit Programs

As the world strives every day to adapt to changes this year, one change that pharma manufacturers are adapting to is the impact of COVID-19 on product safety audits. From supplier audits to evaluating internal or affiliated sites with the FDA, travel restrictions have made it difficult to access and be on site for audits at facilities as has been […]

Visualizing EVERSANA’s Omnichannel Activation Model

The pharma industry’s needs have evolved beyond one-dimensional playbooks, disconnected promotional efforts and limited ability to assess stakeholder engagement.  Manufacturers need to adopt an omnichannel model that goes beyond “marketing” to provide actionable insights that better inform commercial strategies and elevate brand success. Expect more from your investments in datasets, technology and promotional campaigns; expect […]

Webinar: Under Pressure: Global Trends in Net Price

In the past few years, net price transparency has become a subject of debate in the international pharma community. As pricing reforms and shifting pressures on pricing systems continue to intensify, how will they impact markets in Europe and Asia-Pacific? Watch our webinar featuring EVERSANA’s Alan Crowther and Amardeep Udeshi for a discussion (presented at World EPA Congress […]

How to Scale Your Learning & Development Department: Ask The Expert

For years, Learning and Development teams have been asked to “do more with less.” When budgets tightened, teams would get more creative allocating their resources and time. But today – in the midst of changing market dynamics and a global pandemic – teams have been asked to “do more for more.” They are finding themselves […]

Webinar: CMS Final Rule on Cost-Sharing Assistance

The CMS final rule on drug reimbursement addresses how co-pay coupons and vouchers are being exempted from deductibles by PBMs. The rule seems to ensure that the full value of manufacturers’ coupon and voucher programs accrue to the enrolled patient, meaning that the portion of the cost of the drug paid by the manufacturer program […]

Change Is Happening in the EU: What Pharma Companies Need to Know About the European Union’s New Pharmaceutical Strategy

For the first time, the European Union is undergoing a major overhaul of its pharmaceutical industry with the new Pharmaceutical Strategy for Europe, which was launched in late 2020.    Through this strategy, the European Union (EU) is making changes to its infrastructure with the goal of building a holistic, patient-centered, forward-looking pharmaceutical landscape for all EU member […]

Watch Now: PharmaVOICE Panel on Next-Gen Patient Services Models

The Future of Data-Driven Patient Support Is Now The use of health data technologies and analytics in the life sciences industry continues to evolve, but many manufacturers are still crawling around in the dark. With limited in-person patient and provider-rep interactions, hubs that lack synergized technology and data are struggling to understand access and adherence […]

Leveraging RWE to Enhance Experiences Across the Patient Journey

In a tech-driven healthcare ecosystem in which patients are engaged consumers, product value is contingent on treatment outcomes and patient success. With digital tools and resources at their fingertips, today’s patient is empowered to make informed treatment decisions; and physicians need enhanced support to ensure they’re meeting patient needs. Providing physicians with the tools to […]

Reinventing Launch: The Gold Standard Of Drug Commercialization

In a world that is rapidly changing, we must evolve beyond traditional strategies to create true impact for patients. EVERSANA’s complete end-to-end commercialization model enables manufacturers to bring their drug to market at a fraction of the cost of “going it alone” or partnering with another pharmaceutical company.

The Crush: How Covid-19 Is Impacting Mature Brand Revenue & Long-Term Value

The impact of COVID is reverberating across all aspects of society and business. In the healthcare industry, hundreds of thousands of patients are not getting proper access to and utilization of therapies that can improve their clinical outcomes. The clinical consequences of this will lead to compromised patient outcomes and further healthcare cost increases. This […]

How to Determine Price and Global Launch Sequence in a Post-COVID World

The globe is facing a multitude of governing and legislative changes that will directly affect pharma and pricing in coming years, with many of these changes initiated by the pandemic. As countries become increasingly interconnected, decisions in one pharmaceutical market will have ripple effects globally.

Transforming Pharma With Industry-Leading Partnerships

EVERSANA is filling an influx of essential commercialization needs to overcome strained resources and support COVID-19 treatment launches. From groundbreaking treatments to long-overdue therapy improvements, there will be at least five new treatments headed to market this year. These innovative partnerships will allow us to stand alongside pharma companies leading the industry in improved patient […]

Upcoming PharmaVOICE Panel – Next Gen Patient Services Models

With increasingly less face-to-face patient interaction, manufacturers need to rethink traditional solutions in order to alleviate access barriers. Despite best efforts, prescription rates continue to drop as newly launched products experience increased patient drop-off; and companies are struggling to support patient acquisition, retention and conversion. In a new 60-minute virtual panel, PharmaVOICE Co-Founder and Editor […]

A Paul Simms Favorite: EVERSANA makes the list for 2021 Predictions

“Imagine there was a third way … an equivalent to the Apple App Store in our industry … maybe that model could start working in pharma; and, in fact, it is.” For pharmaceutical influencer Paul Simms, commercialization options for biotech and pharma companies aren’t great — in fact, they’re slowing the market down. In 2021, […]

Transforming Commercialization With Industry-Leading Partnerships

Healthcare innovation is being intensified as the industry rushes to find solutions to the pandemic, while furthering research in rare and complex diseases. As pharma companies reignite clinical development, streamlining commercialization is crucial in bridging the gap between treatment manufacturing and patient access. Recognizing this industry need, our team is actively partnering with companies leading […]

The 10-Year Test: Is It Possible to Plan Launch During Clinical Development?

Time and strategy are keys to launching in an overwhelmed, unpredictable market. Pharmaceutical companies in mid-development of a drug need to look ahead at their launch strategy options and consider what market conditions could look like by the time they’re ready to commercialize their product.  By evaluating the value of an asset early in development, pharma companies can gain a better understanding of a product’s value and risk. With assessment insights, manufacturers can make informed clinical and commercial […]

Moving Forward in Pharma: Reigniting Revenue for Mature Brands

The world will be moving forward with immeasurable effects from the COVID-19 pandemic, as will the pharmaceutical industry. Fully understanding the impact that the pandemic will have on pharma will take years; however, there are future indications emerging for mature brands. Mature brands, or non-promoted in-line brands, are the bread-and-butter products for pharma companies in […]

How Better Alignment Propels Your Brand’s Success 

As pharma companies race to keep up with today’s market, your brand’s team can’t afford to be out of sync. Yet inefficiencies and miscommunications are common throughout the commercialization process — wasting valuable resources, creating confusion among key stakeholders and slowing progress toward your brand goals.    For many brand teams, these problems are often triggered by a lack of alignment […]

Emerging 2021 Life Science Priorities

From commercializing high-science therapies to empowering a data-driven patient experience (in the midst of a global pandemic!), we’ve learned that the life sciences industry requires agility, speed and scale. How will 2020 experiences set the emerging trends of 2021? Read below to learn more: Predictive Analytics The implementation of data and analytics has presented many […]

EVERSANA is Fighting COVID-19 Through a Growing Number of Client Engagements

The new year began with a light of hope ignited by the long-awaited COVID-19 vaccine. However, a vaccine is only the first step in fighting the pandemic. Healthcare professionals and drug manufacturers must continue to apply cutting-edge research and technology to overcome challenges related to vaccines, treatments and patient testing. While the industry’s top minds […]

How to Enhance Provider and Patient Engagement in Tech-Savvy Healthcare

Pharmaceutical representatives have always been a welcomed resource and consistent office visitor for healthcare providers (HCPs). Today, in a world operating largely virtually, pharma reps are re-strategizing HCP engagement in the same way providers are rethinking patient outreach.  As telehealth intercepts in-person appointments and office visits with HCPs become limited, providers will have to determine […]

Leading the Way in Digital Health With Tech-Driven Clinical Pathways

Digital health technologies have become integral to patient care since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic and will remain essential healthcare tools. As many patients and healthcare providers are embracing digital health devices, clinical pathway developers have an opportunity to lead the way in digital technology implementation — if they choose to.   Healthcare providers rely on clinical pathways to […]

Insights From Dreamforce 2020 Panel: End-To-End Patient Engagement

EVERSANA was proud to participate in this year’s brand-new session “End-To-End Patient Engagement: From Clinical Trials Through Patient Support Programs.“ Bhaskar Sambasivan, Chief Strategy Officer and President of Patient Services, provided valuable insight into the emerging industry trends that are driving digital transformation within life sciences. He explained how manufacturers can embrace innovative technology to […]

Insights From Trade & Channel Strategies Conference 2020

Now more than ever, pharma manufacturers need to break the cycle of supply chain complexity to better connect patients to therapy. On Tuesday, December 1, EVERSANA’s Scot Buchanan moderated the panel “Emerging and Future Trends in Channel Strategy, Distribution and 3PL” with these industry leaders: Rob Osborne, Vice President, Pharma Trade Relations Express Scripts, Accredo, CuraScript […]

DSCSA Guidelines – Best Practices for Compliance and Supply Chain Integration

On November 27, 2023, all drug manufacturers must participate in an electronic package-level traceability system, commonly known as the “interoperability” requirement. EVERSANA is equipped to help manufacturers navigate these new guidelines and apply best practices. Let’s work together to make sure that you stay in compliance with the FDA and meet the demands of your […]

EVERSANA Receives PM360 Innovations Award for Seamlessly Disrupting Commercialization

EVERSANA’s end-to-end commercialization solution is reimagining traditional pharmaceutical commercialization models for the first time by breaking down industry service silos with integrated approaches and advanced technologies.   PM360‘s Annual Innovation Issue was established in 2011 to provide pharma with its first-ever guide to the life sciences industry’s latest advancements. In its December 2020 edition, the publication is recognizing EVERSANA COMPLETE COMMERCIALIZATION as an innovative strategy that is pushing pharma forward and achieving improved […]

Solving Hard Go-To-Market Challenges [Webinar]

How can looking outside the box help identify innovative approaches that achieve market objectives? Today, in a world where pharma is shifting away from primary–care blockbusters and embracing specialty–care products, looking outside the box is essential.  Focusing on HCPs during a product launch is no longer the key to commercial success. Instead, pharma companies must adapt quickly, leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to acquire […]

Case Study: Early-Stage Asset Valuation

The rewards of developing a new drug can be very attractive but they come with inherent risks. It is important to ensure that investment decisions on clinical development are made after examining the risk profile of the drug which depends on the therapy area and the nature as well as extent of unmet needs. EVERSANA […]

Leadership Briefing – The U.S. Pharmaceutical Market Outlook: The Path to Recovery and the New Normal

During a recent webinar panel, EVERSANA and Reuters gathered industry leaders to discuss the tough questions facing pharma, specifically in the wake of a new U.S. presidency. EVERSANA CEO Jim Lang; Joe Jimenez, Ex-Novartis CEO and CEO and Co-founder of Aditum Bio; and Kabir Nath, Senior Managing Director, Global Pharmaceutical Business, Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., […]

Approaching Clinical Pathway Development as an Art

Much like any artform, creating a clinical pathway requires forethought, innovative design and strategic execution in the hands of the physician — except in the art of healthcare, the most important critic is the patient. While physicians try to perfect the art of patient care, the market realities of sky-rocketing costs and fewer resources influence […]

Managing Risks to Improve Health Outcomes: How to Move Population Health Forward in an Era of Uncertainty

At the Canadian Association for Population Therapeutics (CAPT) Annual Conference, Sumeet Singh, Senior Director, EVERSANA, delivered a presentation on pharmacoeconomic analysis and outcome-based agreements and what they mean for Canadian private payers. Watch his session below for answers to the following questions: Are pharmacoeconomic analyses relevant for private payers? Should pharmacoeconomic analyses for private payers […]

Global Pharma Pricing Regulations
The Transforming Landscape of Digital Therapeutics Reimbursement

The Transforming Landscape of Digital Therapeutics Reimbursement Over recent months, healthcare delivery has changed dramatically to drive utilization to more specialized treatment options, such as specialty drugs and digital therapeutics (DTx). While new technology is generally welcomed in the market, navigating the reimbursement pathway and determining appropriate coverage for these novel therapeutics can be challenging. […]

Four Ways Predictive Analytics Can Strengthen Your Commercialization Efforts

Over the past few years, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) have been trending topics in healthcare but are now being propelled to the forefront of clinical decision support and care delivery. Some organizations, however, have been slow to adopt the utilization of predictive analytics for a number of reasons. From wasted investments in […]

ODRD Insights: Building an AI-Driven Data Ecosystem to Drive Commercial Activities

The market landscape, especially for rare diseases, is dynamic and presents a unique set of challenges for the life sciences industry. Unlike the case for broader disease states, most rare disease patients are not correctly diagnosed for an average of seven years due to misdiagnoses, patient data sparsity or ambiguous coding. To address these challenges, […]

The U.S. Pharma Market Outlook: Path to Recovery and the New Normal

With the U.S. presidential election days away and the continued impact of a pandemic, EVERSANA and Reuters gathered industry leaders to discuss what is to come. Watch as the panel discusses the tough questions facing pharma, the need for new commercialization models, and a mandate to better promote the value we collectively provide as an […]

NORD 2020 Insights: Entering a New Era

EVERSANA was a proud sponsor of the 2020 NORD Rare Diseases & Orphan Products Breakthrough Summit to advance the dialogue on ways to improve the lives of over 25 million Americans living with rare diseases. Our mission is to advance the drug development and commercialization of orphan drugs, amplified by today’s need to create better […]

MARKET ACCESS AND TREATMENT OUTCOMES: Shifting From the Volume of Data to the Value of Insights

From Volume to Value: “The best prescription is insightful knowledge.” Former Surgeon General of the United States Dr. C. Everett Koop once aphoristically said, “The best prescription is knowledge.” This thought permeates much of what drives market access, but it is missing the essential word of the sentence, and that is “Insightful” knowledge. Dr. Koop […]

Population Health Partnerships To Advance Value-Based Care

The business model for health care in the United States is evolving from a volume-driven model to a consumer-centric, value-driven model. As such, there are new competencies required of hospitals and health systems to effectively manage a population’s health across the continuum of care. Many hospitals and health systems will need to partner with other […]

Mitigating Risk: When A Curveball Threatens Your Product’s Launch

In this 3-minute video, Mike DeLaroche shares a new commercialization model that mitigates risk and combats curveballs that manufacturers cannot predict when launching products.

An Illustration: Transforming the Patient Experience

As a fierce ally of the rare disease community, EVERSANA proudly sponsored the 2020 Rare Diseases & Orphan Products Breakthrough Summit. Longtime partners in the advancement of orphan drug commercialization, EVERSANA and the National Organization for Rare Disorders (NORD) are dedicated to improving the lives of over 25 million Americans living with rare diseases. During […]

eBook – 2020 Stories That Shaped Commercialization

While many industries hit the pause button on their operations this year, the pharmaceutical industry never stopped, propelling new innovations to better serve patients, providers and stakeholders. At EVERSANA, we worked closely with manufacturers to tackle uncertain, complex market dynamics and solve pricing, access, reimbursement, adherence, and distribution challenges, and more. As we look forward […]

When A Curveball Threatens Your Product’s Launch

Download the article to learn about proven strategies to help shield your company from unwelcome surprises during launch by reducing your financial exposure and creating a more stable and flexible launch operation.

CBI Hub, SPP and eServices Insights: Leveraging Behavioral Health Technology

The Science of Human Resiliency — Behavioral Health Technology to Improve Patient Outcomes and Adherence Over the past several years, pharmaceutical manufacturers have been in pursuit of improving the patient experience by reducing time-to-treatment, developing a more integrated patient view and deriving insights that lead to better care. Additionally, physicians have been seeking new tools […]

PharmaVOICE Commercial Influencers: Greg Skalicky

In a special focus on Commercial Influencers, PharmaVOICE Editor Taren Grom sat down with EVERSANA’s Chief Revenue Officer Greg Skalicky to discuss approaches to commercial strategies and how disruptive companies are changing the market to better reach and engage patients. The conversation covered commercialization trends, how the industry has changed in the last few years, what is driving innovation within solution providers and small- to mid-size pharmaceutical […]

Compliance – The Competitive Differentiator to Commercialization: An Integrated Model Setting the New Global Standard

The Compliance experts at EVERSANA prove how integrated life science compliance has earned its seat at the table by demonstrating the value of increasing data-driven and technology-infused competitiveness in the successful commercialization of a new-age biopharma product.

WODC Insights: Developing HEOR Programs for Orphan Drugs

To successful launch a new orphan drug, demonstration of therapeutic success is crucial for a global HTA submission and securing market access. Manufacturers need to create a compelling value story with real-world data to illustrate how the therapy positively impacts the patient journey. In his informative presentation from the World Orphan Drug Congress 2020, Chris […]


Sell, out-license or launch internally: these are the three traditional options to commercialize a pharmaceutical product. Selling and out-licensing are common but cause innovators to lose ownership in an investment that takes years to develop. Launching internally requires an average investment of $125MM+ before the product even hits the shelves. Until now, there was no […]

WODC 2020 Insights: Leveraging AI/ML to Advance Rare Diseases

Leveling the playing field The average time to correctly diagnose a patient with a rare disease is 7 years, largely due to data sparsity, misdiagnoses, incorrect prescriptions, etc. Now, through the application of artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, we are able to shorten the time to diagnoses of rare diseases and even discover undiagnosed […]

Navigate the Complexity of Proposed CMS Medicaid Rule

In this presentation at MDRP’s virtual summit, Mike Kurland discusses several key regulatory proposals and executive orders and the impact on pharma: Operationalizing Value-Based Contracting – Has the door been opened, and how do we prepare for an increase in value-based strategies? Managing Coupons and Vouchers – Do we have the right data, and what […]

How to Get Your Digital Therapeutic Approved & Reimbursed in Europe and the U.S.

Patients, providers, and payers expect healthcare to be more accessible, intuitive, and adaptable to their needs. Barriers that have held back innovation in Digital Medicine and Telemedicine have been blasted apart with the recent relaxing of CMS and HHS requirements, continuing advances within the FDA’s Digital Health program, and additional reimbursement opportunities emerging globally. Get […]

PharmaVOICE100 Recognizes Two EVERSANA Leaders

For the past 15 years, PharmaVOICE has celebrated leaders throughout the life sciences industry who provide inspiration to their peers, colleagues and companies through their innovative and motivational approaches to addressing the industry’s myriad challenges. As defined by PharmaVOICE these individuals: set industry trends and create opportunities out of obstacles; are innovative and have the […]

WODC 2020 Insights: Innovative Value and Access Strategies

Innovative rare disease therapies deserve innovative value and access strategies.  With over 1,500 attendees from 50+ countries, the World Orphan Drug Congress featured four days of education, conversation and brainstorming dedicated to drug development and commercialization. EVERSANA’s CEO, Jim Lang, had the esteemed honor of hosting Pfizer’s Vice President of Rare Disease, Patient & Health […]

The New Gold Standard of Drug Commercialization

Manufacturers spend >$125MM over three years leading up to launch, yet 66% of drugs don’t meet launch expectations. An unpredictable landscape, coupled with inevitable industry pressures, is forcing manufacturers to seek a more complete commercialization approach with less risk and more value.

The Importance of Digital Strategy in Pharma in the APAC Region

The Asia Pacific region continues to show great progress in digital health as pharmaceutical companies look at digital technologies as a tool to drive access and to start developing their digital strategies. To understand the strides and recent evolution of digital in pharma, our APAC team conducted a survey with top pharmaceutical companies in the […]

Improving Patient Outcomes Through Digital Health

Digital applications can work cohesively with therapeutics in the treatment of a broad range of diseases, from behavioral health to chronic conditions. In an interview with Debraj Dasgupta, Head of Strategy & Go-to-Market Planning at Nippon Boehringer Ingelheim Co., Ltd., Ed Cox, Executive Vice President, Strategic Alliances & Global Head of Digital Medicine at EVERSANA, […]

The Digitalization of Healthcare in Asia Pacific

The digitalization of healthcare in Asia Pacific is being utilized to enhance the patient-centered approach and expanding access to health. In a candid conversation with Abhishek Shah, CEO at Wellthy Therapeutics, Ed Cox, Executive Vice President, Strategic Alliances & Global Head of Digital Medicine at EVERSANA, uncovered the current healthcare landscape and how digital strategy […]

The Regulatory Landscape in Digital Health

Despite the advances in digital health and digital therapeutics in recent years, there remains an ambiguity in the digital space and uncertainty surrounding regulation and reimbursement of digital technologies applied to pharma, biopharma and medical device companies. In an insightful conversation that was part of EVERSANA’s Digital Symposium, Ed Cox, Executive Vice President, Strategic Alliances […]

Access to Technology and the Rise of Digital Health in Asia Pacific

The access to technology, development of telehealth and evolution of digital therapeutics are thriving in Asia Pacific; and pharmaceutical companies are levering the momentum to reach to a broader segment of the patient population. Ed Cox, Executive Vice President, Strategic Alliances & Global Head of Digital Medicine at EVERSANA, interviewed Anish Shindore, Head of Digital […]

Digital Innovation in Asia Pacific

Digital medicine and digital therapeutics are transforming the healthcare industry by changing the care delivery format, and they have the potential to improve patient adherence and outcomes. In our recent Digital Symposium, Ed Cox, Executive Vice President, Strategic Alliances & Global Head of Digital Medicine at EVERSANA, interviewed David Keene, CEO at IntroSpect Digital Therapeutics […]

Outlook: Digital & Pharma in Asia Pacific

Asia Pacific is one of the fastest-growing regions for digital innovation in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Its promising outlook is mainly driven by necessity, commercial flexibility and a broad talent pool. In a candid conversation broadcasted during the EVERSANA’s Digital Symposium, Ed Cox, Executive Vice President, Strategic Alliances & Global Head of Digital Medicine, […]

Insights from ISPOR 2020

Shaping the future of patient care. From a panel discussion to podium and workshop presentations, EVERSANA shared insight at this year’s virtual ISPOR 2020 conference. More than 1,300 attended the conference from 54 countries; and our experts demonstrated the impact of comprehensive HEOR capabilities, including economic modeling, evidence synthesis, value communication and reimbursement strategies, across […]

Leading and Decision-Making in Uncertain Times

By definition, leaders must have followers, who are defined as people who must be shown the way. While this is within most leaders’ grasps when the road ahead is straight and wide and the destination is visible, more is demanded of them when the road splits, narrows and dusk falls. The current crisis presents special […]

5 Trends in Digital Medicine to Watch For

  We Are Uniquely Positioned To Deliver EVERSANA is uniquely positioned to follow the trends and introduce new models and strategies to maximize the value of pharmaceutical products through Digital Medicine Solutions and Execution. Digital Solutions can be deployed to impact the entire life cycle of a product in unprecedented ways. Schedule a 30-minute call […]

PharmaVOICE Precision Medicine Showcase

Improving Patient Adherence With Behavioral Health Technology The industry’s shift to outcomes-based, patient-centered care requires new approaches to patient support to achieve adherence and therapeutic success. Today’s patients are also highly motivated information seekers and are taking control of their day-today therapy. And, like all modern consumers, they expect outcomes to be personalized, delivered on […]

PharmaVOICE Outsourcing Showcase

The New Roaring 20s: How Outsourced Commercialization is the Revolution We Need. To effectively commercialize a product, traditional service silos stand in the way of true healthcare transformation. Do disparate service providers look at the life cycle in the same way you do? There is a real need for a market access strategy that converts […]

A Patient Hero

Making the Patient an Extension of the Team The concept of patient-centricity is well embedded throughout EVERSANA and is intrinsically tied to helping the agency’s clients achieve their goals. Kristin LaBounty Phillips believes that the entire agency — with a unified commitment to quality in addressing patients’ needs — embodies the concept of “patient hero.” […]

Realizing Value from Digital in the Healthcare Environment [Slides]

[Presentation Slides] The advancements of Digital Therapies are promising but commercial success is not always guaranteed. This presentation explores the pitfalls and challenges of selling products into the uniquely complicated and regulated healthcare market. It will lay the groundwork for digital companies to have successful commercial strategies and be able to: Answer questions like: What […]

Realizing Value from Digital in the Healthcare Environment [Webinar]

[WEBINAR – 20 MINUTES] The advancements of Digital Therapies are promising but commercial success is not always guaranteed. This presentation explores the pitfalls and challenges of selling products into the uniquely complicated and regulated healthcare market. It will lay the groundwork for digital companies to have successful commercial strategies and be able to: Answer questions […]

The New Roaring 20s: How Outsourced Commercialization is the Revolution We Need

The “Great Gatsby Era” was an exciting time of new prosperity, infinite creativity and dramatic social change. Long-standing social norms and traditions gave way to the “mass culture” and consumerism that modernized American society. “What will they think of next?” was a popular expression that defined the era. On the 100-year anniversary of this revolutionary […]

Trends Disrupting Life Sciences in 2020

From the commercialization of digital medicines to the evolution of value-driven healthcare – our thought leaders deliver insight on the trends impacting the life science industry that will continue to shape our thinking well in 2020 and beyond. Take a look at the trends we’re tracking by clicking on the links below: The Transformative Promise […]

How to Maximize the Value of New Advances in Oncology

Today we have access to more data, from more sources than we could ever dream possible. Living in a digital world, we increasingly need the ability to efficiently and effectively process this data for insights and actions in order to be competitive. The life sciences industry can leverage this data using analytic tools and machine learning to rapidly identify patient behaviors and patterns – allowing us to predict “next best actions” in our quest to improve patient outcomes.

Ask the Expert – Digital Therapeutics

From reimbursement strategies, distribution, dispensing, patient engagement and adherence programs, EVERSANA offers integrated solutions to alleviate the barriers facing the adoption of digital therapeutics. Mike Ryan, Executive Vice President of Europe and Asia Pacific, discusses how EVERSANA is leading the commercialization of digital therapeutics with an innovative and nimble commercial model valuable to patients, providers […]

WHAT IF… We Broke the Silos Throughout Pre- to Post-Commercialization?

In their special November/December issue, PharmaVOICE asked industry leaders to think beyond the status quo and provide insight into what needs to happen to achieve aspirational goals and evolve the healthcare industry in 2020. In the feature article titled, What if…” PharmaVOICE turns to their community of thought leaders to weigh in on their own […]

After FDA Approval, Can Gene Therapies Achieve Marketing Success?

Without a doubt, gene therapy is transforming healthcare by revolutionizing patient care from conventional treatment models to curative therapy models. There are more than 7,000 distinct types of rare and genetic diseases and 400+ million individuals suffering from a rare disease. With a market that is fragmented, there is a need for an innovative, end-to-end […]

Innovative Therapies Call for an Integrated Drug Safety and Compliance Model

In this article, Herbert Lee, PharmD, Senior Vice President, Medical Communications and Pharmacovigilance, makes the case for an integrated approach to ensuring the safe and effective use of medications by patients. From emerging therapies to innovative technologies, the healthcare industry is changing – demanding that we do business differently. Working in one of the most […]

Building a Service Offering from the Research Lab to the Patient’s Home

A Conversation with Pharmaceutical Commerce & Jim Lang, Chief Executive Officer, EVERSANA Not quite a year ago, an assemblage of pharma service providers came into being as EVERSANA. Funded by two private equity firms with a background in healthcare—Water Street Healthcare Partners and JLL Partners, there were six acquisitions at the time: Dohmen Life Science […]

Are We Transforming In The Right Way?

Why Product Launches Can’t Be Distracted By Empty Promises. We can all agree that innovations in therapeutic development have advanced beyond traditional product launch strategies and service models. In every step of the product lifecycle, we see pockets of transformation. The problem is exactly that – “pockets” of transformation. Your product launch strategy has to […]

Four Key Questions About Patient Experience in 2019

In this September feature, PM360 asked experts for insight into the changes that need to happen to create better experiences for patients and ultimately serve them better. Kathi Henson, Chief Patient Service Officer, shares insight into how the increased access to real-time patient data helps life sciences companies better understand patients and improve their experiences. […]

EVERSANA, Patient Experience Project featured in MM&M July Issue

Each year, Medical Marketing & Media compiles a list of the top 100 medical marketing agencies in North America. As MM&M Editor Stephen Madden shares at the opening of the July issue, “A typical issue of MM&M has 56 pages; with 244, this beast has almost five times as many.” From agencies A to Z, […]

Gene Therapy for Rare Disorders

With only three approved products in the marketplace, how do we build a regenerative medicine ecosystem that delivers more value to patient’s faster?

white paper-insights
Setting a Patient Engagement Framework and Proving Value

Is your culture patient-centric? It needs to be because today’s patients are motivated information seekers – empowered decision-makers with respect to their treatment. Their voice is key to your success.

Insights from AMCP 2019

EVERSANA attended (and sponsored) The Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy (AMCP) Managed Care & Specialty Pharmacy Annual Meeting. If you missed the conference, here are a few key takeaways from our colleagues who attended: 1) Federal and State Legislature Update Increases in federal and state policies are putting more pressure on drug prices The possible removal […]

Sell’N Gene Therapies: A Landscape Assessment Of Cell And Gene Therapy Reimbursement

Cell and gene therapies hold great life-saving potential, with the ability to treat disease states with significant morbidity, mortality, or treatment-related complications. Kymriah became the first CAR-T cell therapy to bring transformative efficacy to B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia in children and young adults in August 2017. Luxturna—the first-ever treatment for a rare form of hereditary […]

Put Your Patient Services Program to the Test

How well do you really know your patients? Global Genes reports that therapy adherence in the rare disease space can vary from 58 to 65 percent, a troubling statistic for our industry, and most importantly, the patients we serve. Manufacturers must be wondering, how well do we really know our patients and what they need? […]

Will the U.S. adopt global reference pricing?

This article was written for Med Ad News Magazine There are many things that Americans get from outside our U.S. borders. Our top imports include oil, machines, and cars; our iTunes and Spotify accounts are stocked with The Beatles, U2, and Ed Sheeran; and you practically can’t go to any city in America without being […]

Product Master Data Management

This white paper shares considerations, common pitfalls and key takeaways for manufacturers participating in Medicaid. Recent market and enforcement trends in healthcare further exemplify the transition from a volume to value-based marketplace, as well as the complexities to contain the increasing costs of drugs in the new paradigm. The costs of branded prescription drugs are rising […]

The Radical Implications Of Indication-Specific Pricing

This paper discusses one of the potentially more impactful new dynamics in the pricing of pharmaceuticals—the advent of indication-specific pricing. Our goal is to provide context to this important change, highlight some of the implications about which biopharma companies should be aware, and leave you with a framework for raising and addressing pertinent questions across […]

Don’t Poke The Bear: The Effect Of Pharmaceutical Pricing On Perception And Future Innovation

Companies like Turing Pharmaceuticals and KV Pharmaceuticals have grabbed headlines recently for their aggressive pricing strategies. Whether these strategies are justified or even successful is not the point. Rather, what is important is the negative public  perception that significant price hikes create for the industry as a whole. In this climate, the industry needs to […]

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