Affordability, Access & Hub

Automated Processes Reduce Access Barriers & Simplify Onboarding

Despite patients’ and providers’ frustrations, prior authorizations and other reimbursement requirements continue to expand across all segments of drug classes. At EVERSANA, our team of experts leverage technology and automation to reduce access barriers, simplify onboarding, and get patients on therapy faster.

Our access and hub solutions are designed to:

  • Conduct real-time eligibility determination, including electronic income validation and e-signature capabilities
  • Promote easy, self-service enrollment via EMR integration and HCP portal, while also offering live support and traditional enrollment options
  • Initiate prior authorizations electronically (ePA) to expedite the process
  • Streamline process for electronic benefit verification (eBV), (ePA), copay eligibility, and e-prescribing in physician workflow
  • Leverage a data-driven approach to patient profiling, customized outreach and engagement based on preferences, needs, and product

Schedule a meeting with an EVERSANA expert to learn how we can help you develop and deploy a streamlined and automated access program.


Predictive Analytics & Patient Profile Segmentation Deliver Targeted Affordability Solutions

In changing market conditions, the need for comprehensive patient data and “just right” affordability programs call for a new sophisticated model that can get alleviate patients’ financial burden and drive therapy adoption.

Predictive Analytics:

Driven by predictive analytics and patient profile segmentation, a fully optimized and outcomes-based affordability program.

  • Delivers targeted affordability solutions to the right patient profile
  • Determines patient preference and adherence risk at point of enrollment
  • Aligns on appropriate payment vehicle(s) and engagement options
  • Triages prescription to curated pharmacy network

When barriers to access exist, our targeted affordability solutions – co-pay programs, patient assistance programs, and alternative payment solutions – help your patients secure treatments and manage cost.

Schedule a meeting with an EVERSANA affordability expert to learn how to use predictive analytics and patient profile segmentation to deliver targeted affordability solutions.



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