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Get Pricing Right the First Time

We collaborate with you to assess your pricing and launch strategies globally. We help navigate complexities like International Reference Pricing and optimize go-to-market strategies with our proprietary Launch Sequence Optimization algorithm.

Our global pricing team is experienced across all aspects of global pharmaceutical pricing and market access. From value-based pricing to cost control we work with you to create value and drive positive outcomes across the life cycle of your products.

We answer the difficult questions

Incomplete analysis costs money in eroded margins and having an incomplete set of tools costs time. Many pricing decisions cannot be undone and erode price for years. At EVERSANA we provide the right answers to the right questions to inform your strategy at launch and beyond:

  • How sensitive is my launch sequence to key changes in price and reimbursement decisions?
  • How do informal reference rules actually operate? What is happening empirically?
  • What does indication expansion do to product price in comparators?
  • What is the trend in different therapy areas?
  • What is the impact of LOE on our pricing?
  • What does a price forecast look like for a product and its mechanism-of-action competitors?

Strategy supported with the right data

NAVLIN Price & Access Data is a unique, powerful, comprehensive global pharmaceutical pricing and reimbursement database portal. It empowers you with the information you need to ensure your pricing strategies are on target, and allows you to monitor competitors’ responses to price actions taken for your products.

NAVLIN Price & Access Data features:

  • Global Data Service – Pharmaceutical pricing strategies derived from dependable sources around the global, tracking 80+ worldwide markets including US Red Book
  • Reimbursement Data – Indication level reimbursement data for key global markets, including product reimbursement status, reimbursement amounts and patient co-pay levels
  • Cost of Treatment Calculator – Users can compare costs across therapies and indication levels
  • Latest News – Pricing and reimbursement newsletters track key deployments in pricing, reimbursement, market access and HEOR
  • Special Reports – Based on data analysis and strategic evaluation
  • Analysis Beyond Data – Full access to knowledgeable data analysts

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