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Transform Your Medical Information Contact Center Into a Strategic Asset for Customer Engagement

The pharmaceutical industry is constantly evolving, and manufacturers are re‑strategizing, embracing technology and innovation, to meet the needs of the providers and patients they serve.

Successful product launches on a global scale are critical for manufacturers to reach more patients and providers. As a result, manufacturers are streamlining operations, relying on fewer vendors and service providers to improve process efficiency; reduce cost; and ensure outreach synergies, alignment and consistent messaging.

As commercial launch strategies evolve, manufacturers must also re-envision their medical plans, including their medical information strategies. It’s time to move beyond the traditional “call center” model and into a multichannel contact center focused on building a center of excellence for customer experience and engagement.

EVERSANA’s medical information experts explain how you can transform your medical information contact center from a cost-driven necessity to a strategic asset for customer engagement in their latest article.

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