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Engaging Oncology Patients and Providers in The Age of COVID And Beyond

The engagement model for oncology patients and providers is failing, and challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic have only accelerated the trend. Not only are pharmaceutical reps restricted in the types of information they are allowed to communicate, but their access to providers in oncology practices is also more limited than ever as a result of COVID and productivity concerns.

Meanwhile, the pandemic has had a profound and long-lasting effect on the patient journey. For one of the most vulnerable and immunocompromised patient groups, legitimate fears about visiting a physician’s office in person have made it more difficult for providers to run diagnostic tests, manage treatment and monitor patients to ensure they get the best post-discharge care.

Because many of these changes will outlast the pandemic, the reach and frequency model is inadequate, and pharma industry investments in traditional promotional channels are suboptimal. Instead, new thinking is needed — thinking that takes a true provider- and patient-centric approach.

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“Engaging Oncology Patients and Providers in the Age of COVID and Beyond”
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Maneesh Gupta
Senior Partner

Maneesh comes to EVERSANA Management Consulting from IQVIA. He held a number of leadership roles over his 10 years at the firm, most recently serving as Practice Lead, Launch Excellence and Brand and Commercial…