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Importance of Impactful Medical Information Content

Medical Information (MI) services have evolved as technology has advanced and healthcare professionals’ and patients’ needs and preferences have changed. Understanding the audience, identifying the most beneficial content format, and utilizing the preferred channels of communication are crucial for an impactful medical strategy.

Pharmaceutical companies must have technology and innovation roadmaps for omnichannel solutions to ensure communications occur effectively through the patients’ and providers’ preferred channels and to structure content in a user-friendly, easy-to-navigate and digestible format. Industry trends suggest the following considerations when developing MI content:

  • Leveraging component-based authoring tools and looking for ways to leverage content across multiple channels, including online self-service medical portals and chatbots, which leverage conversational artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Exploring how AI may be leveraged to more efficiently and effectively assist with developing and maintaining content
  • Evaluating how MI content can be leveraged and utilized across various teams and departments to reduce redundancies and costs and ensure the company communicates with one medical voice

EVERSANA offers end-to-end integrated global MI services, including MI content development support. We partner with our clients and follow a comprehensive process to support their MI content development needs and timelines, including assisting with the following:

  • Building knowledge management repositories
  • Developing templates/style guides
  • Content needs identification
  • Comprehensive project planning for content development
  • Writing and developing content, including leveraging EVERSANA’s agency and creative teams to assist with innovative content formats
  • Client-defined review and approval process

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