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Insights From Dreamforce 2020 Panel: End-To-End Patient Engagement

EVERSANA was proud to participate in this year’s brand-new session “End-To-End Patient Engagement: From Clinical Trials Through Patient Support Programs. Bhaskar Sambasivan, Chief Strategy Officer and President of Patient Services, provided valuable insight into the emerging industry trends that are driving digital transformation within life sciences. He explained how manufacturers can embrace innovative technology to better serve patients and increase their speed to therapy.

“We need to view patients as partners to truly co-create and build support programs that can be tailored to each patient, as opposed to a one-size-fits-all model.”

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Personalized Patient Solutions and Engagement Improve Adherence

Each patient takes a different path to medication adherence: One patient may be compliant to their allergy medication when prompted by a smart phone notification, while another uses a calendar to keep track.

EVERSANA’s next-generation patient services utilizes predictive analytics and behavioral technology to give patients the personalized support they need to achieve greater adherence.

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