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Maintain Safe & Effective Usage

Eliminate the risk of complexity

Real-Time Insights Drive Safety

Isolated, siloed activities executed by a number of vendors are not as impactful on the patients’ adherence; therefore, using a single platform for the commercialization of your products will result in higher levels of effective and safe usage of your products. From PharmDs to Field Solutions reps, we are working for your product’s commercial success.

We use real-time data insights to address to evaluate and predict safety profile understandings (potentially fatal adverse events, etc.) to support our clients in launching safe and effective products.

Value is achieved with Comprehensive Services, including:

  • Market Access Strategy & Stakeholder Engagement

    Market Access Strategy & Stakeholder Engagement

    Breaking down the complexity of reimbursement and access. Engaging the Patient, Payer and Provider.

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  • Medical Information/ Pharmacovigilance

    Medical Information/ Pharmacovigilance

    Reduce risk by focusing on safety and effectiveness.

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  • Adherence Support

    Adherence Support

    Drive awareness, education and support services to promote adherence and better health outcomes.

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  • Patient Services/HUB

    Patient Services/HUB

    Patient programs to help patients navigate the complex onboarding process.

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  • Field Solutions

    Field Solutions

    Fully resourced to support a rapidly sophisticated, clinically-oriented and data-driven operation.

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Metrics Matter

  • 99%
    Inquiries Answered live by PharmDs
  • 95%
    Timely closure of cases Medical device complaints managed closure in less than 60 days
  • 100%
    Regulatory compliance 100% of adverse events processed within specified regulatory timeframe

Client Success Stories

  • FDA Approves small clinical trial

    We supported a client to get FDA approvals for an ultra-rare therapy. Initially the small population was a concern.

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  • New contact team in under 7 days

    A sudden transfer of ownership for an immunotherapy product required access to a call center staffed with PharmDs. Our team had them covered in under 7 days.

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Innovative Therapies Call for an Integrated Drug Safety and Compliance Model

In this article, Herbert Lee, PharmD, Senior Vice President, Medical Communications and Pharmacovigilance, makes the case for an integrated approach to ensuring the safe and effective use of medications by patients.

From emerging therapies to innovative technologies, the healthcare industry is changing – demanding that we do business differently. Working in one of the most regulated industries, we need to understand the complexities of developing products/services that meet patient need and help improve the health and safety of the public.


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