Reach Patients & Sustain Adherence

Earn the strongest patient relationships at every stage of the patient journey

The process for engaging patients and creating the right experience begins long before a prescription is written. From clinical trial recruitment to comprehensive patient support, you’ll need to partner with the most important stakeholder—the patients themselves—to drive awareness programs, education and support services to promote adherence and better health outcomes.



Nothing happens without patients

Finding and engaging patients across the product life cycle is critical to your commercial success

  • Affordability Programs
    Affordability Programs

    When Barriers to Access Exist, Our Programs Achieve Faster Results and Higher Market Share.

  • Adherence Support
    Adherence Support

    We Drive Awareness Programs, Education and Support Services to Promote Adherence and Better Health Outcomes.

  • Patient/HCP Agency
    Patient/HCP Agency

    Our Patient/HCP Agency Collaborates With Patients, HCPs and Caregivers to Drive Results for Our Clients.

  • Medical Information
    Medical Information

    Practiced Ability to Flex and Grow With Our Clients' Ever-Changing Medical Information Needs Especially as They Move From Concept to Launch.

"Patient-Centered Engagement: Wrapping Value Around Life Science Services"

White Paper Authored by Tom Doyle

Why partner with EVERSANA
to reach patients and sustain adherence?

  • Holistic View

    Isolated, siloed activities executed by a number of vendors are not as impactful on the patients’ adherence; therefore, using a single platform for the commercialization of your products will result in higher engagement and adherence rates.

  • Valued Partner

    No other partner can provide the depth, breadth, scale and intimacy our team can provide across ALL three key stakeholders for your business – the Patient, the Payer and the Provider.

  • Our guarantee!

    Our customized services are based on our leading industry experience and we have the case studies and results to guarantee it.

Your business is unique

And so is our approach

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  • Every Patient Matters
    Every Patient Matters

    High touch engagement helps patients overcome compliance issues resulting in 95% compliance rate.

  • Improve Adherence
    Improve Adherence

    Dedicated patient services coordinator and wraparound education help patients comply with an orphan drug of a complex disease with adherence challenges.


Sample Results Across Our Business

  • 95.3%
    Patient Compliance For one of our client's using patient solutions
  • 94.5%
    Patient Loyalty For one of our client's programs using a holistic approach
  • 200+
    patients completed pre-screen Accelerating clinical trial enrollment

Value is achieved with Comprehensive Services, including:

  • Market Assessment & Insights

    The intelligence you need to validate or inform your strategy across the product life cycle.

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  • Market Access Strategy & Stakeholder Engagement

    Breaking down the complexity of reimbursement and access. Engaging the Patient, Payer and Provider.

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  • Adherence Support

    Drive awareness, education and support services to promote adherence and better health outcomes.

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  • Affordability Programs

    Help your patients secure treatments by offering options to manage cost.

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  • Patient Services/HUB

    Patient programs to help patients navigate the complex onboarding process.

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  • Medical Information/Pharmacovigilance

    Reduce risk by focusing on safety and effectiveness.

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Ready to Reach Patients and Sustain Adherence?