Reach Patients & Sustain Adherence

Engaging Patients Throughout Their Treatment Journey

Delivering a Best-in-Class Experience

The process for engaging patients and creating the right experience begins long before a prescription is written. From clinical trial recruitment to comprehensive patient support, you’ll need to partner with the most important stakeholder— the patients themselves— to drive awareness campaigns, education programs, and support services to promote adherence and better health outcomes.  Delivering a best-in-class experience involves a comprehensive suite of coordinated services designed to help you recruit, support, and engage patients throughout their treatment journey.

Optimize the “Next Best Action”

Leveraging data and AI capabilities of ACTICS by EVERSANA™ across the patient journey we can predict patient switching behaviors that impact adherence and engagement.  This information powers the optimization of hub and affordability programs and deploys the “next best action” for each patient, leading to up to a >50% patient adherence improve over a traditional hub program. 

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Own Your Patient Experience From Start to Finish

  • Market Assessment & Insights

    Market Assessment & Insights

    Validate or inform your clinical trial recruitment and patient support strategies.

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  • Market Access Strategy & Stakeholder Engagement

    Market Access Strategy & Stakeholder Engagement

    Breaking down the complexity of reimbursement and access. Engaging the Patient, Payer and Provider.

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  • Patient Adherence

    Patient Adherence

    Provide patients the personalized support they need to achieve greater adherence.

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  • Affordability Programs

    Affordability Programs

    Alleviate patients’ financial burden and drive therapy adoption.

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  • Access & Hub

    Access & Hub

    Automate enrollment, simplify onboarding and reduce barriers to access.

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  • In-Home Nursing & Clinical Support

    In-Home Nursing & Clinical Support

    Offer the safety and convenience of in-home administration and customized patient care.

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Metrics Matter

  • 95.3%
    Patient Compliance For a client using end-to-end patient solutions.
  • 94.5%
    Patient Loyalty For a client using affordability, access and adherence solutions.
  • 200+
    Patients Completed Pre-Screen Accelerating clinical trial enrollment.

Client Success Stories

  • Every Patient Matters

    High-touch engagement helps patients overcome obstacles to result in a 95% compliance rate.

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  • Improve Adherence

    Dedicated patient services coordinators and wraparound education help patients adhere to a complex orphan drug therapy.

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Are You Ready For Patient Services 2.0?

Today’s patients are far more engaged than the previous era of “doctor knows best” and like all modern consumers, they expect outcomes to be personalized, delivered on their terms and powered by technology. As a result, patient services can no longer depend on the “one-size-fits-all” model.

Download “Are You Ready For Patient Services 2.0?” to learn how EVERSANA’s next generation of Patient Services model improves the patient experience and help manufacturers bring therapies to the market faster, with the ultimate goal of improving patient lives and patient access.



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