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Ask the Expert: One-on-One with Amy Hutnik

The pharma industry’s needs have evolved beyond one-dimensional playbooks, disconnected promotional efforts and limited ability to assess stakeholder engagement. 

Instead, manufacturers need to adopt a comprehensive omnichannel model that allows for data-driven planning and real-time analysis of results from marketing campaigns, field activities and patient services programs to create a cohesive brand experience with maximum impact.

EVERSANA commercialization expert Amy Hutnik answers an important question every manufacturer needs to know about omnichannel:

How does a manufacturer’s commercialization model affect the success of their omnichannel strategy?


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Download our latest infographic for an in-depth look  EVERSANA’s omnichannel activation model.

“Infographic: Omnichannel for Pharma Manufacturers”
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General Manager, Agency, Advisory & Evidence Services

Amy is responsible for driving growth and innovation across EVERSANA’s agency, advisory and evidence services teams. Her career spans more than 25 years in consumer and healthcare marketing, where she’s driven brand awareness, engagement…