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Leading and Decision-Making in Uncertain Times

By definition, leaders must have followers, who are defined as people who must be shown the way. While this is within most leaders’ grasps when the road ahead is straight and wide and the destination is visible, more is demanded of them when the road splits, narrows and dusk falls.

The current crisis presents special challenges to business leaders who have experienced largely smooth sailing for the longest bull market in history. Used to relying on historical data to project the future and to relatively predictable competitive and regulatory events in the world of operations, pharma’s leaders have focused on addressing more strategic challenges, adjusting corporate capability, capacity and culture to the uncertain and evolving needs of the industry in terms of patient needs, payer budgets and deliverer processes.

It is easy to be wise after the event. But uncertain times continue. How to ensure the effective launch of a product in APAC as different regimes make different choices about returning to business. How to make sure country and indication sequencing retain the most value under different scenarios. How to restructure plans as development slows or stalls to yield capacity to COVID trials. Which metrics to monitor and how to trade them off. This is the world in which EVERSANA’s APAC leaders operate and we have advised hundreds of business leaders in how to adapt their decision-making to reflect the uncertainties facing them. From framing the decision differently, to extending the analysis to cover a wide range of scenarios and including the uncertainty as part of the valuation, we have created platforms for some of the most challenging choices in asset, portfolio and regional decisions, enabling our clients to make informed trade-offs.

If you would like to know more about how EVERSANA can help you make choices more effectively in the new world, please contact us and we will be delighted to discuss your situation.

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“Leading and Decision-Making in Uncertain Times”
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