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Direct-to-Patient Dispensing Expedites Treatment Initiation

EVERSANA’s deep-rooted connection between hub, specialty pharmacy and direct-to-patient dispensing services allows therapies to be supplied to patients quickly and effectively. Each Specialty Pharmacy program is individually tailored to best manage inventory, payer relationships, cash flow and wraparound patient service needs.

EVERSANA’s high-touch patient engagement and clinical nurse services provide proactive education and white-glove support to your patients and providers and increase awareness and loyalty.

A New Model

EVERSANA’s next generation model expedites treatment initiation, drives adoption and improves adherence:

  • Convenient direct-to-patient dispensing and administration keeps patients compliant, safe and comfortable in their own home.
  • Ongoing monitoring, education and proactive outreach to refill and renew prescriptions promotes patient adherence.
  • One point of contact for patients improves their ability to connect and share information, enhancing the overall patient experience.


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