Specialty Pharmacy

Direct-to-Patient Dispensing Expedites Treatment Initiation

EVERSANA’s specialty pharmacy and direct-to-patient dispensing services get therapies to patients quickly and effectively. Tailor your programs to best manage inventory, payer relationships, cash flow and wrap-around patient service needs. And in an industry where adherence is critical, our high-touch patient engagement and clinical nurse services provide proactive education and support to your patients and providers – all with the goal of increasing awareness and loyalty.

A New Model

EVERSANA’s model expedites treatment initiation, keeps patients on therapy and enhances their overall experience.

  • Convenient direct-to-patient dispensing and administration keeps patients compliant, safe, and comfortable in their own home
  • Ongoing monitoring, education, and proactive outreach to refill and renew prescriptions promotes patient adherence
  • One point of contact for patients improves their ability to connect and share information, enhancing the overall patient experience

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Our Services

  • In-Home Nursing Care
    • Therapy administration (self and assisted infusions)
    • Patient education (in-home, tele-video and phone)
    • Post-treatment RN follow-up
    • Clinical case management
    • Compliance programs
    • Medical necessity appeals
  • Clinical Trials Recruitment & Support
    • Seeker Health, by EVERSANA
  • Patient Engagement & Co-Creation
  • Access & Reimbursement
    • HUB services
    • Rare/ Orphan High Touch Concierge Services
    • eServices
    • Co-Pay Programs
    • Co-Pay Connect
    • eServices
    • Field Reimbursement
  • Affordability Solutions
    • Alternative Coverage Support
    • PAP Enrollment & Distribution
  • Adherence Services
    • Clinical nurse services
    • Patient engagement services
  • Pharmacy Services
    • Title & Non-Title Models
    • Direct-to-Patient
    • Free Product Support

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