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Position Your Future-Facing Strategy on Digital Therapeutics (DTx) in China

How can DTx resonate with current portfolios and capture incoming opportunities?

Key Contributors: Robin Arnold, Executive Vice President; Jerry Song, Associate Principal; Qiwei (Alex) Li, Consultant  

The article discusses the potential of digital therapeutics (DTx) in China’s healthcare system and how it can help pharmaceutical and medical technology companies address the challenges presented by the country’s aging population and healthcare demands. China’s aging population, which is expected to reach 22% by 2035 and 28% by 2050, presents opportunities for healthcare companies to provide health management solutions for chronic diseases. However, challenges include limited healthcare awareness among patients, geographical gaps in healthcare providers, immense pressures in market access, and difficulties in extending at-home patient management.

DTx, defined as evidence-based software-delivered therapeutic interventions, can play a critical role in overcoming these challenges. The article identifies three categories of DTx: complementary, replacement, and standalone, each with a unique purpose in empowering traditional therapies. Complementary DTx, which can enhance treatment effectiveness and improve patient outcomes, offers an opportunity for pharma and MedTech companies to expand market share. The article also highlights the challenges of vague regulatory guidelines, immature business models, and resistance from physicians and patients. Addressing these challenges and positioning for long-term support of clinical evidence can enable the successful integration of DTx into China’s healthcare system to improve patient outcomes.

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