Realizing Value from Digital in the Healthcare Environment [Webinar]

[WEBINAR – 20 MINUTES] The advancements of Digital Therapies are promising but commercial success is not always guaranteed. This presentation by Jonathan Hodgson will explore the pitfalls and challenges of selling products into the

uniquely complicated and regulated healthcare market. It will lay the groundwork for digital companies to have successful commercial strategies and be able to:

Answer questions like:

    • What is my commercial model? What is my pricing model? How are payers thinking about my disease? Who pays today?  Will I get coverage?
    • How does a doctor’s prescription turn into a patient’s download and use?
    • What answers do I need now vs. later?

Download the slides OR fill out the form to view the 20 minute webinar. 

Jonathan Hodgson
Senior Principal

Jonathan has almost 20 years of experience helping biopharmaceutical companies make better strategic decisions in the areas of commercialization, research and development, portfolio planning, launch pricing and reimbursement, forecasting, asset valuation, and more across a broad range of therapeutic areas. Jonathan’s experience spans both commercial and market-access questions and the development and application of both […]