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Uniquely Positioned To Deliver for Neuroscience, Neurology and CNS Conditions

EVERSANA is a proven leader in CNS, with work across rare, complex, chronic neurological diseases and audiences ranging from HCP, caregivers, patients, and payers.  Our neurology background runs deep, with 23+ years of CNS category solutions, over 25 specific engagements the last few years and a passion to continue tackling the challenges as they evolve.

Examples of Neuroscience, Neurology and CNS Projects

  • ADHD - Launch Strategy

    Comprehensive launch strategy, including market assessment, customer segmentation, positioning, value proposition, pricing, and market access

  • GNE Myopathy - Launch Strategy

    Global market assessment; development of patient journey; and competitive simulation in support of launch (EU5, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Mexico)

  • Major Depressive Disorder - Inline Optimization

    Comprehensive growth strategy for inline product, including market assessment, customer segmentation, value proposition, and market access strategy

  • Bipolar Disorder/ Schizophrenia - Life Cycle Management

    Commercialization strategy and support for novel digital medicine technology

  • Chronic Pain/ Migraine - Detailed Asset Scan

    Detailed asset scan of all Phase 1, 2, and 3 assets across three chronic pain indications and migraine; comprehensive P&MA diligence conducted on priority assets

  • Alzheimer’s Disease/ Dementia - Launch Strategy

    Global disease state situation assessment and value message testing (EU5, Japan, Australia, Sweden, Canada)

Explore Some of EVERSANA's Commercial Areas Supporting Neurological Projects

Market Access & Field Deployment

Navigating Market Access and Digital Innovation

With the expansion of digital therapeutics across disease states, payers have generally lagged in making coverage decisions. Today, only a handful of progressive payers are digital leaders, while most others are lagging in the development of a digital formulary.​ Experts across EVERSANA mobilize strategy and operational excellence to navigate policy and market access challenges to support our clients and their patients.

We review regulatory approaches, building clinical value perceptions and partner to manage payer coverage decisions.

Patient, Payer & Provider Marketing Agency

As an agency, we bring our award winning creative to support our clients’ business needs. However, what differentiates us is our connectivity across the commercialization continuum. As part of EVERANA, we have in-house neurology expert residents to provide unmatched real-time insight and feedback.

We work closely with teams across EVERSANA – including management consulting, value and evidence and digital to support our global and US manufacturers to solve commercial challenges like identifying, reaching and engaging patients; educating HCPs and navigating the complexities of market access and payer negotiations and delivering the best value story to assure access. 

Deep Understanding of the Patient Journey

Neurological conditions can be chaotic, complex, and highly difficult to diagnose. EVERSANA’s team knows how to navigate and propose strategies for the best outcome.

Agency of Record: Capitalizing on Competitive Market Shaping to Drive Brand Conversions

For several neurology products we are full agency of record, inclusive of full commercial/communication strategy and all tactics (including media).

Consider this example: The largest brand in the Tardive Dyskinesia (TD) treatment category spent over three years shaping the category through broadcast television, but showed no signs of converting those now aware of TD to their brand.  EVERSANA INTOUCH identified an opportunity to launch our client’s first ever broadcast television spot with a branded campaign focused on the benefits of treatment of TD. Initial results show this effort generated a 28% in script lift and 2.2x ROI, far exceeding industry benchmarks.

Global Channel Management & 3PL

Developing and distributing innovative, life-altering therapies to patients is no small feat, and it should certainly not be complacent to the status quo of an outdated, one-size-fits-all model. When it comes to neurological/CNS conditions  EVERSANA serves over 500 unique SKUs.

Our highly specialized, FDA and DEA certified facilities store and distribute opioid and other controlled substances EVERSANA is a single client-centric supply chain partner with carrier neutrality.


  • Delivers therapies wherever patients need it – residences, pharmacies, hospitals, clinics, etc.
  • Provides customized temperature-controlled environments in both storage and transportation solutions.
  • Ensures on-time, accurate delivery with transparent, real-time tracking of product movement.
  • Safeguards its operations to minimize risk and ensure product authenticity and integrity.

Launch Strategies and Management Consulting

EVERSANA’s strategic consulting team has been a key partner in launching a wide range of CNS/neuroscience products. We have conducted more than 20 projects in relevant therapeutic areas over the last few years. We are experienced in neurology and will bring a seasoned team to accelerate your project.


Recent Relevant Therapeutic Areas Include:

  • Associated Agitation
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Bipolar Disease
  • Dementia
  • Depression
  • Epilepsy
  • Lennox-Gastaut syndrome
  • Meningitis
  • Migraine
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Muscular dystrophy/atrophy
  • Neuropathy/neuropathic pain
  • Other psychiatric conditions
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Schizophrenia
  • Stroke/TIA

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