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Future Ready Medical Information   

As technology has advanced and the needs of healthcare professionals (HCPs) and patients have changed, Medical Affairs departments now need to have technology and innovation roadmaps in place to offer their customers omnichannel solutions to ensure communications are occurring via the customer’s preferred channel. 

Now is the time to take a more customer-centric approach and embrace and leverage advancing digital technology to improve the customer experience. 

Multi-channel Support  

EVERSANA’s integrated multi-channel Medical Information (MI) systems improve customer experience and allow for actionable insights that drive value.  

EVERSANA provides complete technology and digital solutions for MI, including validated and highly configurable MI databases that can be integrated with client systems, advanced telephony systems, self-service medical portals, medical chatbot with conversational AI, live chat, and advanced metric reporting and data analytic tools.  

Medical Portal  

MI self-service portals have existed for more than 15 years, with many pharmaceutical companies having built and invested in these websites. As technology has advanced, the functionality has improved and portals have become more comprehensive, offering information and services across Medical Affairs functions. 

EVERSANA offers several different portal options to align with our clients’ functional requirements and budget. Services include developing completely customizable solutions that consider medical, content, creative and digital strategy, in addition to applying user experience (UX) guiding principles.   

EVERSANA develops all features and functionality that companies typically consider when implementing a medical portal.   

Medical Chatbot  

Self-service is no longer simply having a medical website with the ability to search the MI response document library. Technology has advanced to permit conversational AI chatbots that allow customers to search and find answers quickly, 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. 

EVERSANA offers a customizable and configurable MI chatbot solution that leverages options for live chat functionality and support and/or conversational AI from our Cognitive Core platform to meet customers’ needs. 

Conversational AI is a set of technologies, such as natural language processing (NLP), that allows for automated responses in human-like interaction, machine learning, and predictive analytics to understand intent and a more dynamic, less constrained user experience than other chatbots.   

  • Accessible web-based solution that can easily be accessed on any website via any browser, including on a mobile device
  • Can be placed within a banner or even triggered from a QR code on any material.
  • Can seamlessly be embedded on your already existing medical portal or any other webpage

The key features of the medical chatbot include the following: 

  • Customizable naming, design, disclaimer language and data capture 
  • Users can quickly and easily get access to answers to most common questions 
  • Content and materials are accessed directly within the chatbot, including Scientific Response Documents (SRDs) and Full Prescribing Information (USPI).  
  • Users can easily be connected to an individual via live chat or phone or instructed to complete an online request form if they can’t find what they are looking for or if the response is not approved to be shared via chat 
  • Semantic search logic includes a combination of keywords, content of the responses, synonyms and question hints to find the best contextual response to a specific input 
  • Comprehensive backend content management system 
  • Metrics and analytics, including sentiment analysis and AI identification of possible adverse events (AEs) or product complaints (PC) 
  • Integration with MI database and other systems 

MedInsights Powered by ACTICS 

Metrics, data analytics and customer insights are extremely important aspects of MI services. These include operational and process-related metrics (e.g., inquiry volume, volume by channel, abandonment rate, average handle time, turnaround times) which are extremely important contributors to resource modeling, budget planning and measuring performance and operational efficiency.  

Equally important is identifying customer insights and data gaps that can be shared  within the organization to help with life cycle management, publication planning, data generation and analysis, education, future clinical trial development, and identify possible internal training needs. 

Our MI experts have partnered with EVERSANA’s Data & Analytics team to develop a dynamic data analytics and visualization tool, MedInsights, to help clients quickly generate metrics and identify actionable customer insights.    

Powered by ACTICS™, the comprehensive tools enable clients to get a real-time sense of inquiry volume, turnaround times, categories and topics of inquiries, etc. Some of the key features of the tool include data from our MI Database and telephony system, executive dashboard, enhanced graphics and visualizations, trend reporting, and the ability to easily filter and sort data quickly.  

Additionally, we can leverage our AI empowered tools to analyze MI databases important to identify customer insights, generate word clouds, perform sentiment analysis and more.   

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