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Manufacturers spend >$125MM over three years leading up to launch, yet 66% of drugs don’t meet launch expectations. An unpredictable landscape, coupled with inevitable industry pressures, is forcing manufacturers to seek a more complete commercialization approach with less risk and more value.

In 2018, EVERSANA, a leading provider of commercial services to the life science industry, implemented a strategy to offer a complete, full-scale, customized model for product commercialization. Our end-to-end commercialization engine, officially referred to as EVERSANA™ COMPLETE COMMERCIALIZATION, gives manufacturers full access to launch strategy, execution and long-term outsourced services (including distribution, field support and patient hub services) through a contracted, multi-year model.

EVERSANA™ COMPLETE COMMERCIALIZATION brings drugs to market with an end-to-end commercialization engine powered by organic connectivity and synergy.

Download Greg Skalicky latest’s article to learn how our complete end-to-end commercialization model enables manufacturers to bring their drug to market at a fraction of the cost of “going it alone” or partnering with another pharmaceutical company.

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EVERSANA employs a team of over 2500 professionals across 27 locations around the world. From industry-leading patient service and adherence support to global pricing and revenue management, our team informs the strategies that matter the most to our clients and perform superior services that create value across the product life cycle.