Market Access & Reimbursement

Breaking Down the Complexity of Reimbursement

Delivering value is key

EVERSANA managed markets brings an unrivaled understanding of the reimbursement and cost-and-coverage dynamics that matter to stakeholders, from health plan medical directors to specialty pharmacy. With diverse client experience across a broad therapeutic area reach, our experts successfully navigate through today’s complex healthcare landscape with a laser focus on delivering value.

A partner you can trust to navigate today’s complex landscape

Navigating today’s shifting healthcare landscape is complicated. Never before has the healthcare industry witnessed such promising treatments enter the marketplace, yet face so many challenges. Choosing a partner who understands the reimbursement environment, with both traditional payers and the evolving models of care, and who embraces the way payer stakeholders think, is vital to your brand’s success.

Insight into tomorrow’s market landscape

Our managed markets team tackles client’s brand challenges of today, with insight into the market landscape of tomorrow. We deliver solutions that support all payer customer channels. Through creative and innovative strategies and tactics, we enhance the value story of our life sciences partners’ brands and/or portfolios, and drive successful pre-launch planning, formulary coverage and pull-through.  

Delivering solutions to support all payer channels 

Our capabilities and expertise on pre-launch, launch and mature products encompass access and reimbursement issues, advocate development, stakeholder education, promotional programs and sales training communications. We are committed to delivering solutions that support all payer customer channels for our clients. 

Our core services add value across the product life cycle:

  • Strategic and tactical planning 
  • Value story and message development 
  • Field force and account manager resources and training 
  • Cost and coverage messaging and pull-through 
  • Healthcare policy 
  • Real-world evidence and health outcomes translation  
  • POA planning and implementation 
  • Creative campaign development 

Government Policy Systems 

EVERSANA delivers expert insight and content regarding healthcare’s government, policy and system issues through unparalleled access to relevant industry experts, databases and research facilities. Our Government Policy team is at the forefront of these issues and understands the interconnectivity of the drivers of healthcare change. They focus on the areas that will influence the ways in which payers structure insurance plans, and in which providers and institutions—including the growing long-term care (LTC) market—manage patient care. We develop impactful programs to address our clients’ issues relevant to market access, change, government and policy, from the impact of the Affordable Care Act to payment reform to emerging models of care.  



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