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EVERSANA’s Direct-to-Patient Care Model

The Industry’s First and Only Patient-Led Virtual Care Model

Transforming Patient Care

Patient demand for telehealth and a flood of industry challenges are disrupting the traditional healthcare landscape. Lack of access to care and few specialists available in therapeutic areas have created significant wait times to see a provider and a prolonged journey to diagnosis and treatment. The lengthy patient journey, coupled with the absence of transparent financial processes, calls for an innovative approach to care.

Combining seven commercialization disciplines, only EVERSANA is uniquely positioned to deliver a single digital care model to address challenges in Access, Affordability and Adherence.

An industry first and the only patient-led care model, this digitally forward model empowers patients to obtain faster access to providers and their therapies, while they benefit from the latest affordability automation that provides price transparency. By combining the forces of advertising, telehealth, pharmacy billing, benefit verification, reimbursement, and dispensing, EVERSANA is disrupting the care ecosystem.

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Discover the benefits of EVERSANA’s Direct-to-Patient Care Model.

  • Streamline Patient Access, Engagement, Treatment Initiation and Adherence Learn More
  • Drive Brand Promotion, HCP Adoption and Patient Fulfillment Learn More
  • Generate Real-Time Data and Actionable Insights Across the Product Life Cycle Learn More

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