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Data & Analytics Solutions

Pharma Companies have over-invested in data and under-invested in actionable insights.

Pharma leaders once thought that more data would lead to greater strategic insights.  However, when you ask key decision makers, they’ll tell you they now feel overwhelmed by the amount of data at their fingertips and by the time it takes to glean actionable insights.

EVERSANA’s suite of Data & Analytics solutions, powered by ACTICS by EVERSANA, shortcut the data management and analysis processes for our clients – quickly delivering the right insights to inform and guide strategic decisions that amplify impact across the commercial eco-system.

It all begins with discovery.

EVERSANA will assess and audit what data, infrastructure and tools are needed to answer your specific business questions, providing:


Infrastructure & Data Self-Service Tools

AI & Machine Learning (ML) Innovation


Blending a “What”, “So What” & “Now What” story arc with hi-fidelity data visualization


150+ Data & Analytics(D&A) partners collaborating with the broader 7K life sciences experts across EVERSANA

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EVERSANA's Data & Analytics Solutions Answer Your Key Business Questions

With rapid changes in the healthcare environment, it’s critical to align your commercial strategy with changes to the current marketplace.

EVERSANA’s Data & Analytics solutions, along with our team of experts, will help you assess:

  • Market Potential & Sizing​
  • Marketing & Sales Forecasting
  • Targeting & Segmentation
  • The Patient Journey
See how a machine learning model identified potential switch targets for one brand, generating ~80% of their new patients.

Read the full Case Study:



To meet the needs of patients, providers and payers, EVERSANA can help you determine the right channels and tactics that will allow you to scale your efforts in the most efficient way.

EVERSANA will perform:

  • Impact Analysis
  • Omnichannel Targeting
  • Omnichannel Reporting
  • Field Force Effectiveness Review


See how EVERSANA helped one client review spend, revenue, scripts, channels and ROI to determine the right budget to drive optimal impact.

Read the full Case Study:

When financial pressures impact budgets, EVERSANA can help you review all aspects of your commercial operations.

EVERSANA provides actionable insights on your existing marketing mix as well as how to optimize your field force to be most effective through:

  • Impact Analysis
  • Influence Mapping
  • Field Force Optimization
  • Omnichannel Targeting
See how one EVERSANA client was able to reduce Hub costs by 40% while also decreasing co-pay spend by $80K.

Read the full Case Study:

  • +30
  • 300M
    Data records on U.S. patients Including 120M containing deep clinical depth
  • +150
    Therapeutic areas covered
  • 9.6
    Client Delight Score Out of 10
  • +$150M
    Incremental revenue generated from data and analytics insights
  • +75
    Data & Analytics Clients


Our Data & Analytics suite is powered by ACTICS by EVERSANA, an AI powered & machine learning enabled platform utilizing a combination of infrastructure, data & subject matter expertise to solve business challenges​.

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