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In-Home Nursing & Clinical Support

Customized Care Promotes Adoption and Adherence

Increased use of telehealth and in-home infusions have drastically altered the site of care for patients. Alternative patient care and therapy administration models are essential to ensure manufacturers have the capabilities to treat patients at their preferred site of care.

EVERSANA’s nationwide network of mobile healthcare professionals has established EVERSANA as a leader of in-home care and clinical support, specializing in all disease states and therapies.

Our team of experienced healthcare professionals offers high-touch support to provide a smooth onboarding process, identify barriers of access, create a patient-specific plan of care and report outcomes. EVERSANA engages our patients with regular follow ups to build long-lasting relationships that promote medication adherence and patient satisfaction.

EVERSANA’s in-home clinical care services include:

  • Complex drug administration
  • Clinical case management
  • Diagnostic screenings
  • Treatment initiation services
  • Patient education and training
  • Site infection monitoring
  • Lab services (samples)
  • Health, social and environmental evaluations
  • Technology for data collection and scheduling
  • Medical necessity appeals
  • Compliance programs
  • On-site drug preparation
  • Clinical care and caregiver support (Patient visit monitoring)


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