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Let’s face it…It’s hard to launch a product in today’s environment. The reality is companies spend >$125MM over three years leading up to launch and 66% of drugs still don’t meet launch expectations.

This looming risk, echoed by general industry pressures, leaves developers and investors alike looking for more advanced commercialization options that effectively maximize their pipelines.


Purposefully Built to Act as Your Commercialization Engine

Imagine not having to risk building an expensive infrastructure – because we have built a foundation you can customize for your product needs. Activate a complete, ready-to-deploy, high-performance commercialization and distribution engine today!

We are committed to:

  • maximizing your up-front investments.
  • accelerating your product from early development to marketing, effectively impacting patient outcomes and beyond.

We celebrate when you and your company capture full revenue potential without the added risk of diluting company value.

Predictable Commercial Success

  • Complete, full-scale, customizable infrastructure amplified by top industry launch leaders

    Engineered to:

    • optimize the launch of precommercial assets
    • capture full revenue potential through maturity
  • Revolutionary, nontraditional financial deal structures provide flexibility of terms

    Built to:

    • provide an alternative to traditional and more common strategies, such as selling it, out-licensing or going at it alone
    • reduce up-front cash investments necessary to launch
    • maximize revenue potential and minimize financial risk
  • Valuable assets demand integrated, predictive and actionable data to maximize growth potential

    Empowered to:

    • maximize the ROI of data and analytic investments
    • enhance decision-making
    • create a seamless patient journey and positively impact outcomes


Recent Commercialization Partnerships

Evoke Pharma Enters Commercialization Agreement with EVERSANA for Gimoti™

EVERSANA to commercialize and distribute Gimoti in the U.S.  EVERSANA will utilize its internal sales organization along with other commercial functions for market access, marketing, distribution and patient support services. Read the full story

We are excited to partner with EVERSANA, which will allow us to efficiently and rapidly prepare to commercialize Gimoti without the need to invest in a large corporate infrastructure and build out a sales force. Under the agreement, we will leverage EVERSANA’s integrated suite of capabilities, including highly experienced personnel with expertise in all key facets of pharmaceutical product commercialization.

Dave Gonyer, President and CEO of EVOKE

Zosano Pharma Partners with EVERSANA to Launch and Commercialize Qtrypta™

EVERSANA, to commercialize and distribute Qtrypta™ in the United States. EVERSANA will utilize its internal sales force, distribution networks, patient services hub and market access capabilities to support the launch and commercialization of Qtrypta™. Read the full story.

“We are thrilled to partner with EVERSANA and, upon potential approval, look forward to leveraging its established sales force, distribution networks and market access capabilities to support the launch and commercialization of our innovative therapy for the acute treatment of migraine. With this collaboration, we now have access to a comprehensive commercial organization without the significant expense and time that would have been required to build our own infrastructure. We and EVERSANA have been working closely to ensure our commercialization strategies are aligned and fully supported with the appropriate resources to get this potential new therapy into the hands of patients who are in need of it.”

Steven Lo, President and CEO of Zosano

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