Will the U.S. adopt global reference pricing?

This article was written for Med Ad News Magazine

There are many things that Americans get from outside our U.S. borders. Our top imports include oil, machines, and cars; our iTunes and Spotify accounts are stocked with The Beatles, U2, and Ed Sheeran; and you practically can’t go to any city in America without being able to order a pizza, tacos, or sushi.

Although it is true that our country has adopted many things that have improved our lives from outside the U.S., one thing we have not made efforts to adopt is how pharmaceutical drugs are priced outside of the U.S. – that is, until now.


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Matthew Pakizegee
Matthew Pakizegee, PharmD
Medical Associate, Government Policy Systems

Matthew supports clinical services and leads clinical content for Government Policy Systems (GPS). He facilitates discussions with EVERSANA’s bench of payer consultants and manages government policy content including topics impacting healthcare delivery systems. He…