Commercial Analytics

Prioritize Sales and Marketing Efforts with RWD in Real-Time

From building strategy to embedding data-driven insights at every step of the value chain, ACTICS offers easy to use, digestible applications and dashboards for sales and marketing teams to visualize the real-time impact of their calls and marketing efforts, giving them the ability to deploy the right message at the moments that matter most.

Reach Your Targets with Predictive, Evidence-Based Data

Move beyond singular datasets to fold into our fully integrated, data agnostic platform for holistic view that can inform your commercial and marketing strategy.

With ACTICS, clients can power their commercial success through:

  • Forecasting and positioning of therapeutic brands
  • Building true omni-channel strategies and tactics using RWD and digital marketing analytics
  • HCP profiling and integrating third-party data like payer, retail, and social network
  • Predicting patient personas who are best suited to start and stay on your brands

Combining Research and AI-Driven Analytics to Power Next Best Action

We’re here to meet you where you are. ACTICS is not a one-size-fits-all approach, but a solution tailored to match your specific needs. ACTICS is a data-mastering and integration platform, based on a distributed cloud-based infrastructure. Its API driven automated intelligence and machine learning technologies, complemented with wrap-around data science services and subscription-based offerings, can integrate and feed alerts to downstream systems such as CRM.


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