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CES 2024 Recap – How the Future of Healthcare Will Continue to Be Driven By Innovation & AI

CES 2024, the annual tech conference encompassing everything from cutting-edge gadgets to automotive marvels, healthcare innovations, and futuristic media, left a lasting impression. Amidst the buzz surrounding electric vehicles, transparent screens, and an abundance of massage chairs (so many massage chairs), there was one technology that overlapped across all: AI.  

The rapid integration of AI into all facets of the showcased technology emerged as a standout theme, especially in the life sciences space. Beyond the mere mention for hype, practical and impactful AI stole the spotlight, becoming a necessary tool for delivering on product promises and enabling insights, new interactions, and even new digital worlds. Consider these three key takeaways. 

Enabling The Insight 

In the realm of health-related products, the prevailing theme was enablement, going beyond data tracking to empower patients and physicians with accessibility, insights, and personal diagnostic tools. Noteworthy examples included Withings’ Beamo, a telehealth-focused thermometer relaying diverse health information, and the Evie ring, leveraging AI to provide correlations and predictions for women’s well-being. Blueskeye’s Health Foundation Platform measured patients’ minds through their voice and face, using AI to analyze changes over time and offer insights for health applications. It’s an exciting area to keep an eye on. 


Enabling Interactions 

The evolution of AI-driven interactions and companionship was evident, with advancements like a GPT-based voice assistant in Mercedes-Benz cars delivering empathetic responses, Moxie redefining human-robot communication for children, and VoiceITT facilitating voice recognition for those with speech disabilities. Vuzix’s augmented reality glasses bridged communication gaps for individuals with hearing impairments.  

The year ahead no doubt will continue to bring more solutions that make interactions easier for consumers. 

Enabling New Worlds 

Finally, from Hawkeye’s virtual recreation of live sporting events to Dassault Systems’ use of digital twins in healthcare for precision and accelerated research, AI was shaping a new world. BrainSightAI’s efforts in neuro-psychiatric diagnosis showcased the potential of AI-powered brain twins. Chat3D took generative AI to the virtual space, enabling prompt-based 3D object generation. New virtual experiences will continue to evolve to create new and unique experiences for patients. 


CES underscored the omnipresence of AI – from a Samsung fridge generating recipes to bird feeders using AI for bird identification. And while there is A LOT of hype… the hype is real. The enablement offered by AI is not just a trend but a necessity, evolving into a standard in the product landscape.  

The tech world is embracing AI, not merely as a buzzword but as a transformative force that enhances user experiences across diverse domains. For all brands and especially healthcare, the time is now to continue embrace the opportunity that AI holds for all of us. 

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