MARKET ACCESS AND TREATMENT OUTCOMES: Shifting From the Volume of Data to the Value of Insights

From Volume to Value: “The best prescription is insightful knowledge.”

Former Surgeon General of the United States Dr. C. Everett Koop once aphoristically said, “The best prescription is knowledge.” This thought permeates much of what drives market access, but it is missing the essential word of the sentence, and that is “Insightful” knowledge.

Dr. Koop practiced medicine during a time when information was limited to individual practices and groupsToday, hospital systems, payers and pharmaceutical firms have access to excessive amounts of data – and it is our task to turn this volume into something accurate and actionable, something of value. Additional challenges coincide with data saturation as well. 

In this article, Eric Bishea, President of Marketing & Market Access, discusses how today, hospital systems, payers and pharmaceutical firms have access to excessive amounts of data – and it is our task to turn this volume into something accurate and actionable, something of value.

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