Five Biggest Data Challenges for Life Sciences

Data is transforming the competitive landscape in life sciences. From the rise of personalized medicine and value-based healthcare to evolving commercial strategies, the effective utilization of data is critical to solving for better patient outcomes.

There are significant challenges, however, including siloed, messy data quality; slow legacy systems delivering fragmented insights; and the inability to transfer data quickly, easily and securely across disparate systems.

Brigham Hyde, President, Data & Analytics, sat down with industry leaders at Snowflake and Compile to discuss how EVERSANA is addressing these challenges with ACTICS, our tech-enabled solution built to optimize end-to-end success for life sciences. ACTICS includes applications aimed at the most valuable client use cases and a technology platform that works seamlessly with multiple data types and design.

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Brigham Hyde, PhD
President, Data and Analytics

Brigham is a highly regarded speaker and thought leader on the value of data and analytics across the life sciences, pharma, and overall healthcare sector. His background is in data science and artificial intelligence…