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MINDPAX and EVERSANA announce U.S. commercialization partnership to launch revolutionary digital therapeutic solution for bipolar disorders

CHICAGO — October 12, 2021 — The leadership team at MINDPAX Inc., the leading digital therapeutic company focused on bipolar disorders, today announces its partnership with EVERSANA™ to launch and commercialize its therapeutics in the United States. MINDPAX combines remote clinical assessment and targeted digital therapy to improve patients’ clinical conditions. The solution provides personalized therapeutic interventions to bipolar patients in times of need.

In the United States, it is estimated that more than 7 million people have bipolar disease, and the illness is responsible for more than $45 billion annually in direct treatment costs. Treatment options for bipolar disorders are limited, with more than 70% of patients being misdiagnosed and/or spending more than seven years to find the right medication. Comorbidities commonly associated with bipolar disorders include increased cardiovascular risk, substance abuse, unemployment and homelessness.

The MINDPAX system enables patients, their caregivers and treating clinicians to track subjective as well as objective disease symptoms. Subsequently, MINDPAX utilizes clinically validated algorithms to provide targeted digital therapy. This unique combination allows for delivery of the right support to the patient at the right time. The entire solution helps patients and treating professionals to make shared, data-driven decisions faster, thus managing the disease better.

Over the last five years, MINDPAX has been conducting clinical studies that have resulted in the largest worldwide clinical data set of its kind for bipolar patients. This research led to the development of unique and clinically validated algorithms for remote clinical assessment and targeted digital therapy. Results of this research were published in world-renowned medical journals. MINDPAX is currently running a validation study for its digital therapeutics, with very promising results. The goal of the partnership with EVERSANA is to ensure a smooth regulatory pathway in the U.S.

Under terms of the eight-year partnership, MINDPAX and EVERSANA, a recognized leader in the commercialization of digital therapeutics, will deploy fully integrated commercialization services that include market access, agency services, clinical and commercial field teams, medical science liaisons, channel management, patient services, health economics and outcomes research, and compliance, with each service optimized by data and predictive analytics. EVERSANA will immediately implement services focused on U.S. market access, market distribution and commercialization, growth acceleration, as well as patient onboarding, pending FDA approval.

Ivan Hruska, CEO of MINDPAX, said: “We are leading a neuroscience revolution through the power of digital therapy to accelerate the diagnosis and treatment of bipolar disease. Every day we hear from patients who are using our comprehensive solution how MINDPAX therapy has improved their quality of life, even in their darkest moments. This partnership with EVERSANA represents a key milestone as we rapidly expand to the United States and more countries in the near future.”

Jim Lang, CEO of EVERSANA, said: “MINDPAX’s digital therapeutic innovation brings much-needed treatment to millions of patients trying to live with the debilitating impact of bipolar disease. We stand ready to accelerate the awareness, access and impact of this truly revolutionary approach to real-time treatment.”

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MINDPAX is a leading digital therapeutics company tackling bipolar disorder. We focus on improving the clinical conditions and quality of life of bipolar patients. To achieve that, we use a combination of long-term symptom monitoring and targeted digital therapy. You can learn more about MINDPAX at


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