Integrated Patient Analytics

The Future of Data-Driven, Next Gen Patient Support Is Now

At EVERSANA, we help our clients drive therapy adoption and adherence with our highly configurable, scalable and HIPAA-compliant relationship management platform designed exclusively for healthcare: ACTICS Patient Relationship Management (ACTICS PRM).

Driven by predictive analytics and machine learning, ACTICS PRM allows manufacturers to rapidly identify patient behaviors and patterns to develop personas and predict the “next best action” for personalized engagement.

ACTICS PRM can even predict the personas most likely to discontinue or switch their medication and then offer a corrective action to assist the patient. With deep insight into access, affordability and adherence barriers – and how corrective actions improve adherence – manufacturers can better serve patient needs with the right touchpoints at the right time.

With ACTICS PRM, clients can power their commercial success through:

    • Customized treatment pathways
    • Communication with patients through the channel that is best suited for them
    • Patient hub enrollment/engagement metrics that are combined with social and real-world data to provide a holistic view
    • Trend predictions along the patient journey, such as identifying best access options for primary adherence
    • Optimized patient assistance and copay programs with data-driven patient-centricity
    • More effective clinical trial designs


Evidence provided by ACTICS PRM will expand company understanding of access and pricing barriers and allow sales teams to execute a comprehensive market access strategy that enables payers, providers and patients to make better treatment decisions. By combining the power of analytics with ready-to-deploy, real-time actions, manufacturers can optimize product and patient outcomes with custom solutions, ultimately ensuring patients receive the full benefit of a life-changing therapy.


Are You Ready For Patient Services 2.0?

  • Author: Bhaskar Sambasivan, President, Patient Services & Chief Strategy Officer

Today’s patients are far more engaged than the previous era of “doctor knows best.” And, like all modern consumers, they expect outcomes to be personalized, delivered on their terms, powered by technology, and of high value.

Download “Are You Ready For Patient Services 2.0?” to learn to build the next generation Patient Services care model to improve the patient experience and bring therapies to market faster, with the ultimate goal of improving patient lives and patient access.

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