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Case Study: CNS Brand Plan Refresh

the situation

The Situation

  • Our client, a large pharmaceutical company, had two marketed CNS products in the behavioral health space that were starting to mature.
  • The client team needed support in redefining its brand strategy and tactical plan based on the latest insights to ensure successful growth in the upcoming year.
the solution

The Solution

  • We first obtained and reviewed the existing brand plans for the assets of interest. Then we collaborated with the client (brand insights and marketing team members) to build out a more robust and compelling story based on the latest ongoing market research and business intelligence.
  • Our team created a new draft of the brand plan through multiple working sessions, and we defined key leverage points in the patient journey as well as strategic imperatives and tactics to address. Data points to support the team’s perspective were obtained through other research sources.
  • Finally, we delivered a new and updated brand plan for both assets that included key evidence to support the suggested recommendations in the upcoming year to drive increased adoption of the CNS products.