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Case Study: Commercial Field Support for Neurology Brands

the situation

The Situation

  • A large pharma client’s neurology portfolio of 5 well-known, historically promotionally sensitive brands were in genericized markets and were not actively detailed to providers
  • Due to the client’s shifting priorities, these products were deemed non-strategic and lacked the reach & frequency required to maintain TRx volume
  • Underpromotion, coupled with lack of managed markets support, resulted in a significant decline in sales
the solution

The Solution

  • Deploy a dedicated team to relaunch all 5 brands
  • Build and deliver a new training and development program
  • Recruit, hire and train new sales reps exclusively dedicated to promoting the portfolio in active territories and white space (via telesales)
  • Appoint Key Account Manager to improve market access and implement tactics to reduce pharmacy conversions
  • Launch a Vacancy Management Program to maintain TRx and nurture HCP relationships
  • Establish a steering committee to meet twice a year to review strategy, identify new opportunities and optimize the program
the results

The Results

  • Sales growth of $44M (products had declined by $50M prior to promotion)
  • An estimated >$100M growth throughout the 3-year program (2016 to present)
  • $11.3M annual investment resulted in 4:1 ROI in year 1 and 10:1 in year 2