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Uncovering Health Disparities: Exploring Social Determinants of Metastatic Prostate Cancer Survival

Author(s): Imtiaz A. Samjoo, MSc, PhD; Emily Rosta, MSc; Austin Lansing, MSc; Alexandra Hall, MPH

Despite recent advancements in metastatic prostate cancer (mPC) treatment, prevention and care, progress has not equally manifested in all population groups. Though some recent reports suggest similar outcomes across races, there continue to be reports of racial disparity in disease incidence and access to care.

In a pair of interconnected articles, Stephen J. Freedland, MD, the team at Pfizer Inc. (Alexander Niyazov, Jonathan L. Nazari, and Bhakti Arondekar), and the Value & Evidence team at EVERSANA (Imtiaz A. Samjoo, Emily Rosta, Austin Lansing, Alexandra Hall, Manvir Rai, Kerise Clarke, Amrita Debnath, Evelyn Worthington, and Joanna Bielecki) empirically investigated the impact of race and other social determinants of health (SDOH) – including income, socioeconomic status, marital status, type of treatment facility, insurance status, location, and education – on survival in mPC. This comprehensive review of the literature aimed to shed light on the disparities of outcomes.

Counter to the previous narrative, the authors discovered that racial minorities with mPC had similar survival to White patients. However, the study revealed that other SDOH, such as higher income and socioeconomic status, having private insurance, being married, and receiving treatment in an academic facility were associated with better survival.

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Imtiaz Samjoo
Senior Director, Value & Evidence

As Senior Director of the Value & Evidence team at EVERSANA, Imtiaz leads evidence synthesis projects that support global HEOR initiatives involving systematic literature reviews, indirect treatment comparisons, and health economic modeling,  to support reimbursement…

Austin Lansing
Associate Manager, HEOR

Austin is an Associate Manager in the Value & Evidence Division at EVERSANA supporting a wide-array of HEOR projects. ​ During his time at EVERSANA, Austin has supported a variety of pharmaceutical products with…

Emily Rosta, MSc
Manager, HEOR

In her more than five years with EVERSANA, Emily has worked on systematic literature reviews, indirect treatment comparisons, real-world data analysis, economic modelling and a wide variety of value communications. Her work has spanned…