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Austin Lansing

Associate Manager, HEOR



Austin is an Associate Manager in the Value & Evidence Division at EVERSANA supporting a wide-array of HEOR projects. ​

During his time at EVERSANA, Austin has supported a variety of pharmaceutical products with a focus in rare diseases and oncology. Austin is experienced in conducting literature reviews, developing conference abstracts and peer-reviewed scientific manuscripts, pharmacoeconomic models including budget impact assessments and cost effectiveness models, as well as reimbursement submissions and value communications. ​

Prior to joining EVERSANA, Austin completed his Honours BSc in Life Sciences, as well as a Master’s degree in Biomedical and Molecular Sciences with a Pharmacology specialization. Austin’s research during this time focused on the abnormalities in mineral metabolism which occur as a result of chronic kidney disease, specifically their impact on bone and cardiovascular disease.

Articles by Austin Lansing

Uncovering Health Disparities: Exploring Social Determinants of Metastatic Prostate Cancer Survival

Author(s): Imtiaz A. Samjoo, MSc, PhD; Emily Rosta, MSc; Austin Lansing, MSc; Alexandra Hall, MPH Despite recent advancements in metastatic prostate cancer (mPC) treatment, prevention and care, progress has not equally manifested in all population groups. Though some recent reports suggest similar outcomes across races, there continue to be reports of racial disparity in disease […]

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