Patient Minded

Putting the Patient at the Center of Everything We Do

Every day we have the privilege of helping patients and caregivers around the world. It’s the heart of our business and the foundation of our culture.

While we are not a drug developer or manufacturer, we help our clients – more than 500 organizations ranging from established pharmaceutical companies to innovative start-ups – serve their patients. It’s a responsibility we do not take lightly. Here is how EVERSANA makes a positive impact on patient lives every day.

Our Services

Below are just a few of the ways we help patients around the world. Rooted in the patient experience, our personalized white glove, high-touch patient services span all stages of the product lifecycle to deliver long-term, sustainable value for patients. EVERSANA has extensive experience in rare, complex diseases, including oncology and cell and therapies. To understand our full commercial services, click here.

  • In-Home Nursing & Clinical Support

    Our pharmacists, nurses and support specialists offer the safety and convenience of in-home administration and customized patient care.

  • Co-Pay Programs

    We work with manufacturers to make prescription medications affordable for all patients and their families.

  • Patient Assistance Programs

    We manage full-service, cost-effective Patient Assistance Programs by enrolling patients and delivering their medication.

  • Patient Access & Hub

    We help manufacturers alleviate patients’ financial burdens with co-pay and patient assistance programs.

  • Clinical Trial Recruitment

    We help pharmaceutical developers find and engage patients to participate in clinical trials.

  • Medical Information & Communications

    Our call center representatives and pharmacists support drug safety and compliance by answering calls from patients and healthcare providers every day.

Our Vision

Watch our video to learn more about EVERSANA’s vision of Advancing Life Sciences Towards a Healthier World.

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