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Navigating the Patient Journey: Understanding, Challenges, and Solutions in Patient Journey Mapping

EVERSANA’s APAC Authors: Ankit Kulshrestha, Robin Arnold 

This POV explores the intricacies of Patient Journey Mapping, detailing its significance, challenges, and solutions. Patient journey mapping is a comprehensive discipline that traces a patient’s entire healthcare journey, from initial symptoms to treatment and beyond. Understanding this journey is imperative for pharmaceutical companies, enabling them to address challenges and optimize patient-centric solutions.

The document highlights potential pitfalls in mapping patient journeys, emphasizing the need for market representation, segment differentiation, and a detailed examination of functional, emotional, and transactional experiences. Failure to link mapping to actionable mitigation measures poses a significant risk.

Examining patient journeys solely from the patient’s perspective overlooks crucial viewpoints from caregivers, treaters, and referrers. A holistic approach, involving diverse stakeholders and employing varied research techniques, is essential for accurate mapping. This includes interviews with frontline treaters, patients, and caregivers, along with leveraging social media and targeted literature reviews for comprehensive insights.

Enhancing the impact of patient journey mapping involves linking insights to measurable initiatives. Collaborative efforts, involving a cross-functional group from pharmaceutical companies and executing agencies, are vital for success. EVERSANA’s Unique Value Proposition lies in its rigorous study designs, collaboration with clinical experts, and access to tools like social media mining and targeted literature review, ensuring comprehensive and impactful patient journey mapping studies.

Download the full POV to read more about the importance of meticulous patient journey mapping, collaboration, and how to leverage diverse perspectives for a holistic understanding of healthcare journeys in the evolving landscape.

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