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Seeker Health

Seeker Health

Nothing happens without patients

Seeker Health® by EVERSANA is a digital patient enrollment platform that helps you find even the most difficult-to-reach patients to speed product development and support your critical marketing efforts.

We are on a mission to improve health outcomes around the world. Using technology to accelerate the development and adoption of new treatments is a great place to start. Login to the Seeker Portal

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Patient Enrollment

Patient-Finding Technology for Rare, Complex Diseases

Four out of five clinical trials are delayed and 30% are terminated because of slow or inadequate patient enrollment. But we can help you find the right patients so you can maintain your aggressive timeline and bring your product to market more quickly.

The Seeker Health digital patient enrollment platform identifies patients with serious diseases using engaging digital and social media marketing campaigns. We leverage Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest and other channels to ensure patients are informed, engaged and ready to participate in your clinical trial.

The Seeker Health platform is backed by a team of experts in patient recruitment and engagement, analytics and digital marketing who work with you to design the best approach for your patient enrollment campaign. We have expertise in a broad range of therapeutic areas, including cancer and rare diseases, as well as in recruiting diverse patient populations.

Seeker Health Case Managers

Seeker Health’s Case Managers are an integral part of the enrollment process. Once patients pass an online pre-screener, a Case Manager contacts the patient directly for further engagement and screening before assigning the patient to the clinical trial site. This extra step ensures that sites are receiving highly qualified prospect patients to enroll to their clinical trials. In addition to engaging patients, the Case Managers maintain close communication with the clinical trial sites to adjust recruitment process and make necessary updates to the Seeker Portal™.

Seeker Portal™

Clinical Trial Patient Lead Management Software

  • Once we identify the right patients, we manage them through the Seeker Portal, our clinical trial patient lead management software.


  • Designed with the highest levels of data security and patient privacy protections, this proprietary, user-friendly software helps you evaluate, assign, manage and track participants from identification to enrollment.
  • Secure delivery of qualified patient referrals to active clinical trial sites
  • Communication with qualified participants via email and text messaging
  • Real-time tracking of patient referrals and progress toward enrollment
  • API integration with medical call centers

Patient Databases

Essential Support for Drug Development

The Seeker Health digital platform identifies patients with rare diseases so you can build long-term disease databases to use throughout the drug development life cycle. Such databases can help you decide where to activate clinical trial sites based on participants’ locations and help inform patients about your clinical trial once it is ready.

Our innovative platform can seek out even the most difficult patients using a variety of channels, including disease websites and social media communities. Let us help you create the right connections and support your efforts to promote greater patient awareness of your trial.


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