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Eight Powerful Strategies Business Leaders Can Build on for Success

Sandra Shpilberg shared insight in a Silicon Valley Business Journal’s article focused on “Eight Powerful Strategies Business Leaders Can Build on for Success.” The article is part of the Journal’s invite-only Leadership Trust panel of influential business leaders, executives and entrepreneurs.

Sandra’s advice is to develop a singular focus:

“Single deep focus is the habit that has helped me the most in my professional life. I define “single deep focus” as the ability to focus without distraction on a single task that is critical to my company — the big things such as creating a pitch deck, working on a patent application or working on customer proposals. During a session of single deep focus, I first create a container, preempting and turning off any and all external and internal distractions. Then I set my intention, a time limit and a reason why this work is important to do right now — for example, “Work on the sales slide deck for two hours, with the goal of increasing revenue.” Then I set a timer and get to work. In these extremely distracting days of multitasking and continuous communication, I’ve found single deep focus to be the tool that has allowed me to move my business forward in the most significant way.”

Other leaders focused on staying calm and centered, never underestimating the power of partnership, using tools for organization, choosing when to say ‘no’, picking your battles each day, taking regular breaks, and following your instincts.

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