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PM360 SPARK Innovation Summit

EVERSANA is proud to be a sponsor at PM360 SPARK Innovation Summit March 25 at Convene in New York. 

Our Chief Digital Officer, Scott Snyder, is a panelist for the session “Adopting Innovation” from 11:00—11:45 AM and moderating the session “Commercialization and Utilizing AI” from 2:15 – 3:00 PM.

Connect with us onsite or schedule a meeting to discover how EVERSANA is transforming commercialization with real innovations to make real impact.

EVERSANA’s Innovations
Today, life sciences and commercialization services demand innovation as organizations face unique pressure to increase their capacity to discover, develop, launch, deliver and support patients with new therapies at higher quality and lower cost. By partnering with EVERSANA, pharma manufacturers are getting tangible innovations that make real impact by engaging HCPs, improving patients’ lives and optimizing pharma’s business operations.

  • Accelerate patient access, affordability and adherence
  • Hyper-target and deploy a field force
  • Develop AI-powered education, videos and meaningful healthcare dialogues
  • Calculate hyper-informed treatment pricing models that ensure profitability and affordability
  • Orchestrate connected, personal experiences across the care journey
  • Reduce time and cost, and streamline approvals in the MLR process


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