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Neil Rock

Executive Director, Virtual Commercial Deployment


Field Sales & Reimbursement, Product Launch

Marked by his extensive tenure and versatility in fulfilling various roles, Neil Rock boasts an impressive career trajectory in the pharmaceutical industry. His journey began as a sales representative for GSK in northern Ohio, and he rapidly advanced to significant leadership positions both in the field and corporate offices: operations, leadership and development, regional sales director (neurology) and marketing (respiratory). At GSK, Neil was instrumental as the chief of staff for the US sales VP in the respiratory business unit. A key highlight of his tenure was his contribution to the successful commercial launch of TRELEGY in the U.S.

Neil later joined Biohaven Pharmaceuticals where he played a pivotal role in the U.S. launch of NURTEC ODT. Collaborating with EVERSANA, he led a virtual selling organization (VET), a strategic initiative that significantly contributed to the success of NURTEC ODT and was a factor in Pfizer’s acquisition of Biohaven.

Outside of his professional accomplishments, Neil enjoys a fulfilling personal life in Wake Forest, North Carolina, where he and his wife, Robyn, have lived for over two decades. They are proud parents of three children: Ryan, Reagan, and Nolan.


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