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Deepika Thakur

Senior Director, HEOR


Health Economic Marketing, Health Economic Research, HEOR

As an accomplished professional in the healthcare industry, Deepika Thakur brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table. With over a decade of involvement, spanning roles in both industry and healthcare economic consulting firms, Thakur specializes in evidence synthesis and health economic outcomes.

Throughout her career, Deepika has demonstrated proficiency in engaging with internal and external stakeholders, overseeing multifaceted projects, and employing creative problem-solving techniques. Her contributions to complex decision-making and strategic planning have been notable, particularly in their role at Novartis, where they played a pivotal role in developing market access integrated disease and product strategies, thus supporting the successful launch of several products.

She has a history of building, leading, and mentoring teams, as well as serving as a jury member for research presentation awards. Her dedication to driving positive outcomes in health research is underscored by her commitment to excellence and effective communication.

Based in Toronto, Canada, Deepika holds a Master of Pharmacy (Pharmaceutical Chemistry) degree.

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