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Becky Hooper

Manager, Data Analytics & Evidence Synthesis


Health Economic Research, HEOR

Becky has an academic background in mathematics and 5 years of industry experience in indirect treatment comparisons. Becky is experienced in a broad range of ITC methods including meta-analysis, network meta-analysis, matching-adjusted indirect comparison, simulated treatment comparison, and propensity score reweighting.

Articles by Becky Hooper

EVERSANA’s High-Quality HEOR Methods Recognized in Published Independent Review

A recent independent review conducted by Serret-Larmande and colleagues, featured in the Journal of Clinical Epidemiology, meticulously evaluated population-adjusted indirect comparisons published from 2010-2022. The analysis focused on assessing the reporting quality of methods and results across identified articles. The review, which scrutinized 133 articles, revealed a prevalent issue of unclear, inconsistent, or even absent […]

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