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Aaron Uydess

Executive Vide President, Product Strategy & Sales


Data & Analytics, Data and Software, Digital Technology

As Executive Vice President, Aaron creates new capabilities and approaches that bring value to EVERSANA’s clients. Aaron looks at where a client’s business goals and customer needs overlap and prioritizes opportunities to generate the highest revenue possible through innovation, data, analytics and digital products. Aaron firmly believes that pharma companies are now being asked to do more with either the same or fewer resources, while customer expectations continue to evolve. Aaron works to uncover opportunities for how companies invest in technology to create customer experiences that are simultaneously meaningful and impactful.​​

Aaron boasts over 20 years of experience in the digital, multichannel and omnichannel space. His experience includes non-personal selling, marketing and operations on both the healthcare professional and patient sides of the business. He has worked in the United States as well as abroad, developing digital, multichannel and omnichannel Centers of Excellence from the ground up. ​​

Articles by Aaron Uydess

Orchestrating Experiences That Simultaneously Drive Brand Impact and Customer Delight

The evolving landscape of HCP and patient engagement in the pharmaceutical industry necessitates omnichannel solutions that successfully cover multiple touchpoints such as field, web, email, conferences and more. Not only are brands expected to cover these touchpoints, but they must do so in a way that creates a seamless experience for the user. While omnichannel […]

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