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ACTICS – Powering Market Access

ACTICS – Powering Market Access

Powering Market Access

Delivering Value Is Key

We bring an unrivaled understanding of the reimbursement and cost-and-coverage dynamics that matter to stakeholders, from health plan medical directors to specialty pharmacy. Our capabilities and expertise on pre-launch, launch, and mature products encompass access and reimbursement issues, advocate development, stakeholder education, promotional programs, and sales training communications. We are committed to delivering solutions that support all payer customer channels for our clients.

With ACTICS, clients can power their market access success through:

  • The ability to predict and quantify gross-to-net for contracting market access, rebates, formulary position and optimize launch dynamics as well as determine opportunities and metrics for VBC
  • Predict, monitor, measure and optimize pull through, sales force, account management opportunities and utilization
  • Assess market entry and competitive contract dynamics and opportunities
  • Fold in payer and IDN influence into overall KOL mapping for complete view of access control

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