PharmaVOICE Connected Health Showcase

IF I COULD ONLY ASK TWO QUESTIONS, THE FIRST WOULD BE: What is your data integration and analytics platform strategy?

As the industry continues its shift to a patient-centric, value-based model of care, it is critical that the next generation of patient services programs integrate data and analytics into their care models to track the programs’ success as well as to implement behavioral changes that produce better healthcare outcomes for their patients. Global data and analytics has the power to address critical challenges in healthcare and demonstrate the value of interventions. Combining research and AI-driven analytics can improve patient engagement and adherence.

In this PharmaVOICE Connected Health Showcase feature, EVERSANA’s Brigham Hyde outlines the importance of understanding how data can inform the “next best action” along the entire patient journey. Download the article.

“PharmaVOICE Showcase Connected Health”
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Brigham Hyde, PhD
President, Data and Analytics

Brigham is a highly regarded speaker and thought leader on the value of data and analytics across the life sciences, pharma, and overall healthcare sector. His background is in data science and artificial intelligence…