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Empowering Success: EVERSANA’s Value & Evidence Team Guides Clients Through CMS Drug Negotiations Under the Inflation Reduction Act

Authors: Chris Cameron, Kerise Clarke, Barkha Patel, Amanda Griffin

In anticipation of CMS’s announcement of the first 10 drugs to be selected for negotiations through the Inflation Reduction Act on September 1, 2023, we partnered to support our clients as they faced the prospect of selection. Our engagement began well before the announcement date to help them assess their readiness for participation and their risk of being included, supported by evidence-generation plans to cover any potential data gaps. This proactive approach not only equipped our clients with a realistic understanding of the challenges they might face but also ensured they were well-prepared for the scrutiny and demands of the program, should they be selected.

Our collaboration intensified as we assisted in the preparation of initial packages for submission. Leveraging our expertise, we crafted carefully researched and refined evidence dossiers, emphasizing the most robust data to help solidify the asset’s importance in the market. Our comprehensive research identified key strategies to maneuver the submission process and address any potential challenges ahead. We look forward to continuing to support our clients’ needs as they navigate the first round of negotiations, set to commence on February 1, 2024.

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Chris Cameron, PhD
Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Chris Cameron is a global thought leader in health economics and outcomes research with over a decade of experience. Prior to joining EVERSANA, Chris was a partner at Cornerstone Research Group Inc., and…