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Continuous Manufacturing of Pharmaceutical Products: The New Norm

The life sciences sector is changing for the new pharma generation with the introduction of many forms of updated technology and solutions. Continuous manufacturing (CM) is a perfect example. CM is a method for manufacturing pharmaceutical products from end to end on a single, uninterrupted production line. It uses advanced manufacturing technologies to send materials produced during each process step directly and continuously to the next.

In this new article, Dr. Daniel Tisak explores the history of traditional batch processes, how CM is impacting the industry, the benefits and challenges of transitioning to CM, EVERSANA’s capabilities to guide CM’s data and analytics, and more.


Dr. Daniel Tisak
Quality Director

Dr. Daniel Tisak is a Quality Director with extensive experience in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and biomedical device industries. 25+ years of global experience in aeromedical, radiopharmaceutical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries and facilities,…