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Considerations for the Development of Interactive / Innovative Medical Information Content – Insights from a Service Provider

The creation of high-quality, customer-centric medical information (MI) content accessible through various data dissemination channels is crucial. EVERSANA, a provider of global MI contact center services, has embarked on developing more interactive MI content. This initiative involves converting traditional SRDs and FAQs into engaging and innovative formats by identifying considerations essential for this format of MI content.  

While traditional MI content is valuable, it can be complex and lengthy, prompting this shift towards more navigable and concise formats, particularly for materials with high utilization, high impact, and that will be available via digital channels. 

Download the poster to further understand the challenge at hand, the solution and the results from EVERSANA’s research.

Michael DeLuca
Senior Vice President of Medical Affairs

Mike currently serves as Senior Vice President of Medical affairs at EVERSANA. With 20+ years of healthcare and pharmaceutical industry experience in multiple leadership roles, he holds extensive experience in medical information, medical communications,…

Varun Pandey, PhD
Director, Medical Information & Medical Affairs Strategic Operations - India

Varun is a seasoned professional with over a decade of expertise in scientific research and medical communications, spanning both academia and the pharmaceutical industry. His extensive background includes leadership roles in scientific publications and…

Mary Mehrabian, PharmD, BCGP, BCMAS
Associate Director of Global Content Development and Medical Review

Mary Mehrabian is the Associate Director, Global Head of Content Development and Medical Review at EVERSANA, leading teams of medical writers, medical fact checkers, medical reviewers, and MLR coordinators in the United States, Europe,…