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Krista Pinto

President, Deployment Solutions


Field Sales & Reimbursement

Krista works with pharmaceutical and biotech companies to find design-effective commercialization solutions.

With more than 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, Krista is an experienced sales representative and district manager, with strong client management, business development, and global account experience. Her work in clinical research, trials and development, as well as product launch experience, has been employed across numerous therapeutic areas including cardiology, oncology, neurology and urology.

Krista was recognized by the Healthcare Businesswoman’s Association as a Rising Star in 2012 and by both inVentiv Health and Alamo Pharma Services for her leadership, business results, and customer service. She holds a bachelor’s degree in science, communications and business ethics from the University of Delaware.

Articles by Krista Pinto

Optimizing Product Commercialization in Today’s IDN Environment

The healthcare landscape is undergoing a significant transformation with the rise of Integrated Delivery Networks (IDNs), now employing nearly 80% of U.S. physicians. As IDNs become more prevalent, they bring numerous advantages, such as enhanced physician collaboration across specialties, increased operational efficiencies and improved patient care outcomes. IDNs not only centralize their purchasing efforts but […]

Bridging “Share of Voice” with “Share of Influence” for Lasting Impact

In today’s complex healthcare environment, manufacturers must navigate an evolving stakeholder landscape to guarantee patient access and successful product launches. This article explores how deploying a strategic approach that establishes a “share of influence” across the entire stakeholder ecosystem is critical.   Additionally, as Integrated Delivery Networks (IDNs) become increasingly prominent, understanding and aligning with their […]

Redefining Field Deployment – Bridging “Share of Voice” with “Share of Influence” for Lasting Impact

In the dynamic realm of pharmaceutical marketing, sales representatives and television commercials remain go-to strategies, skillfully weaving narratives that assure patients of a brand’s therapeutic benefits and persuade providers to alter prescribing habits. Despite their effectiveness, both channels face challenges in expanding their prescriber base and patient population. The focus on “share of voice” through […]

Repairing the Patient Journey: How Pharma Can Fix the Obvious – and Not So Obvious – Breaking Points of Nonadherence

The challenges facing the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries to achieve and maintain proper adherence among patients are vast and wide. Alarming statistics reveal how extensive the issue truly is, impacting nearly 50% of patients with chronic illnesses and resulting in substantial healthcare costs and avoidable hospitalizations and deaths. In this latest article from industry experts […]

Invisible Orchestration: How Behind-the-Scenes Collaboration of Patient Services and Field Deployment Teams Delivers a Seamless Front-of-House Brand Experience

Providing services to patients in a digital world requires a delicate balance of blending high-tech and high-touch solutions. A majority of patients want the option to guide their own treatment journeys with ease and on their own time as much as possible. But they also want the ability to speak directly with experts concerning more complex […]

Leveraging Salesforce Marketing Cloud Personalization to Power the Next Generation Rep

Life sciences companies need to shift from the mindset of a pharmaceutical manufacturer of the twentieth, to that of the digital healthcare company of the twenty-first. Reps remain important, but they need to be empowered to succeed. The tools they were given in a slower-paced, less complex paradigm are no longer enough. Research has shown that reps […]

Reigniting Revenue for Established Brands

Established brands do not require significant proactive investment or attention from commercial teams and generate revenue for biopharma companies to reinvest and improve healthcare value for patients, providers and payers. Established brands have seen a decrease in utilization and patient access due to the pandemic, making them vulnerable to negative financial impacts that are difficult […]

Reignite Established Brands — Actual Use Case

EVERSANA™ REIGNITE Commercialization serves as a catalyst for biopharma companies to address the management of their established brand portfolios. In a recent study, EVERSANA reviewed a comprehensive number of established brands and implemented the EVERSANA REIGNITE Commercialization model to slow financial loss and make a positive impact on revenue. With a combined investment, these established […]

Is Your Salesforce Keeping Up With Rapidly Evolving HCP Preferences?

Krista Pinto, President, Deployment Solutions, participated in a panel alongside industry leaders at Reuters Events: Pharma USA 2022. The discussion analyzed how pharmaceutical salesforces must progress in tandem with rapidly evolving healthcare providers (HCPs) and illustrated EVERSANA’s unique ability to build efficient, future-focused field models that overcome market challenges. The onset of COVID-19 provided an […]

A YEAR OF ACTION: Why Data-Backed, Integrated Commercialization Strategies Are Must-haves in 2022

By applying transformative commercialization models, nurturing digital transformation and trailblazing in global expansion, we can get therapies to patients around the world who are still waiting for treatment options. For the past two years, the pharmaceutical industry has proven that it can adapt to change. In 2020, pharma pivoted to manage the coronavirus pandemic, and […]

The Power to Know When: Balancing High-Tech and High-Touch Solutions to Eliminate Access, Affordability and Adherence Barriers

Forty percent of consumers prefer speaking to a real person on the phone, and for more complex issues, 80% want to speak to a live service agent. In the increasingly virtual world we live in, one thing remains clear: we still crave human interactions. As a result, pharma manufacturers need to understand how patients and […]

Ask the Expert: One-on-One with Krista Pinto

Forty percent of worldwide drug launches between 2009 and 2017 failed to meet their two-year sales forecasts. Manufacturers can’t afford to overlook the full potential of a data-driven omnichannel strategy. Omnichannel success requires a comprehensive suite of pivotal datasets and a data-driven technology model that provides real-time visibility into the impact of sales calls and […]

Omnichannel: A Conversation With the Innovators

Go beyond marketing to provide actionable insights that better inform commercial strategies and elevate brand success. EVERSANA’s best-in-class omnichannel activation model aggregates and synthesizes pivotal datasets from marketing campaigns, patient services programs and field activities to analyze and predict trends and behaviors that better inform promotional and support strategies. Serving as a seamless router of actionable data and […]

Ask the Expert: How to Maximize Your Omnichannel Strategy

Omnichannel strategies are transforming the way consumers interact with brands across industries – from the all-in-one Magic Band experience at Disney to buying your favorite latte with the Starbucks app. The pharmaceutical industry is no exception, constantly evolving and implementing omnichannel strategies to reach patients and providers with truly personalized, timely engagement. But unlike all […]

Expect More From Your Omnichannel Strategy and Investments

From ordering your daily Starbucks latte on your iPhone to skipping the line at Splash Mountain with your Disney Magic Band, omnichannel strategies transform how consumers interact with their favorite brands. The most successful brands create an immersive experience that meets the needs of their consumers with a personalized touch. Instead of falling for the […]

The Crush: How Covid-19 Is Impacting Mature Brand Revenue & Long-Term Value

The impact of COVID is reverberating across all aspects of society and business. In the healthcare industry, hundreds of thousands of patients are not getting proper access to and utilization of therapies that can improve their clinical outcomes. The clinical consequences of this will lead to compromised patient outcomes and further healthcare cost increases. This […]

Moving Forward in Pharma: Reigniting Revenue for Mature Brands

The world will be moving forward with immeasurable effects from the COVID-19 pandemic, as will the pharmaceutical industry. Fully understanding the impact that the pandemic will have on pharma will take years; however, there are future indications emerging for mature brands. Mature brands, or non-promoted in-line brands, are the bread-and-butter products for pharma companies in […]

The 2020 Playbook Addendum: Augment Your Frontline to Boost Sales Momentum

In the midst of a global pandemic, the role of commercial field teams evolved right before our eyes. Digital sales aids and tele-detailing are now mandatory sales tactics in a virtual Provider-Rep engagement. Now that field teams are starting to settle into “the new normal,” manufacturers are turning their attention to the next phase: make […]

How to Demonstrate Value to Providers, Payers & Patients

Fact: Primary stakeholders – providers, patients and payers – have greater expectations than ever before. To ensure success at every stage of the product life cycle, it’s imperative to deploy a sophisticated, clinically oriented and data-driven field force who can demonstrate value to all three: Creating value for providers means presenting real-world evidence of positive […]

Pushing Your Frontline Into A New Frontier

The pharmaceutical industry is complex. A litany of companies and brands are competing for top-of-mind usage with clinicians, a cohesive partnership with payers, and active engagement with patients. It’s hard enough to bring a drug to market, but how do brands keep their products positioned appropriately with limited resources, data and time? EVERSANA’s Executive Vice […]

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