Field Deployment Solutions

Traditional Field Deployment Assembles People.

EVERSANA’s Field Deployment Mobilizes a Strategy.

Field deployment solutions are becoming more sophisticated, clinically oriented and data-driven. Faced with unprecedented challenges, you need a fully resourced partner to drive commercial success with strategic planning, strong KOL relationships and front line brand representation. Whether you’re launching a new product or expanding into new markets, our best-practice approach maximizes value at every stage of the product life cycle.

By partnering with our Field Deployment experts, pharma manufacturers mobilize a comprehensive, data-driven strategy to:

  • Activate commercial and medical teams,
  • Secure patient access and affordability,
  • Optimize finances and resources and ultimately,
  • Drive therapy adoption.

Our extensive expertise in high-science therapeutic areas, such as oncology and rare disease, drives innovative solutions that meet unique product demands, enabling a supercharged strategy with a compelling brand value story, right-sized team, hyper-focused targeting and customized stakeholder engagement.

Connectivity between Field and Patient Services   

Disparate information, antiquated systems and a disconnect between the field solutions and patient services often translate to pain points experienced by patients and providers. EVERSANA’s three pillars – people, data and infrastructure – bridge the gap to create efficient and effective communications, ultimately reducing frustrations and getting the patient on therapy faster.   

Watch the webinar to hear EVERSANA experts Rich Heddens and Matthew Baniak discuss the value of utilizing one cohesive solution to increase efficiency versus multiple vendors. 


역동적인 상용화 & 임상 현장 팀

With one focused and unified voice, we deploy commercial and clinical professionals to propel your brand in active, vacant and white space territories:

  • Field and Virtual Sales Representatives
  • Field Reimbursement Managers
  • National & Key Account Managers
  • Regional Account Managers
  • Medical Science Liaisons
  • Clinical Nurse Educators

We also recruit, train and deploy inside sales reps, tele-sales reps, field trainers and other commercial roles, such as those in marketing and sales operations. EVERSANA’s dynamic business model, coupled with our flexible recruitment process, allows us to develop and deliver the most effective strategy to help you achieve your commercial goals.

Innovative Payer Strategies Require Innovative NAM Strategies  

The industry is facing unique challenges that did not exist prior to COVID-19. The payer mixes have changed substantially in the U.S., subsequently altering the economics in the payers’ minds prompting them to think more deeply about their strategies, their modeling and how they treat products. In addition, the big players continue to consolidate, lending fewer controllers over the plans that dominate the United States. Lastly, complex therapies continue to dominate the market.  

EVERSANA is uniquely positioned to address current industry challenges and bring benefit to our partners in large pharma, biotech, pharma, small and emerging rare disease. We have assembled the tools that a NAM or brand team would need to have an efficient and effective conversation with a payer earlier and in a unified fashion. By developing a strategy backed by data, analytics and modeling, EVERSANA provides our partners with a complete picture of success in the market access arena. In addition, our NAMs work with distributors and wholesalers, IDNG, POs, and all the parts of the puzzle that deliver the product to the end user. 

Watch the webinar to hear EVERSANA experts Rich Heddens and Dino Tsamparlis explore how innovative payer strategies call for innovative National Account Manager strategies. 


The New Role of Medical Field Teams and Their Impact on Launch Success 

A combination of industry challenges and an influx of complex therapies to the market, have impacted Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs), Clinical Trial Liaisons (CTLs) and Clinical Nurse Educators (CNEs). Field medical teams must now meet modern expectations of scientific and medical exchange, develop awareness of the unmet medical need in pre-launch activities and drive therapy adoption and ensure positive patient outcomes post launch. 

In their latest webinar, experts Susan Giacalone, Joy Morrell and Beth Giblin highlight how EVERSANA’s Field Medical Teams provide cross-functional value to manufacturers by developing brand medical strategies and executing tactical deployment for individual products.


Empower Your Teams to Impact Patients’ Lives 

When the right elements come together, powerful change occurs. At EVERSANA, we fuse market access and clinical setting knowledge with selling skills  preparing your team to master your product. As a training and performance agency, our teams observe this change every day. We help shift the conversation by including the important intersection of clinical and market access information. 


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