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NAVLIN Insights is the insights and research solution within NAVLIN by EVERSANA™, focused on market access excellence and providing you with the tools and intelligence you need to validate or inform your strategy across the product life cycle.  We successfully transform data into knowledge that is actionable so that you can confidently understand opportunities and risks for your company and brands, allowing you to move ahead with confidence.

The flexible business model allows you to customize market access intelligence based on your projects, timeline or budget, and make decisions across the product life cycle, from clinical development to loss of exclusivity.

We offer three research solutions to meet different business needs:

  1. Syndicated Insights: Research on U.S. & Global marketplace trends, customer needs, and access barriers and opportunities for biopharma.
  2. Custom Rapid 인사이트: Custom research to answer your specific questions using an advanced set of capabilities, propriety frameworks/ methodologies, real-world analog plus our robust panel.
  3. ACCESSEXPRESS: Simple, self-service market research tool that streamlines the complexities of the survey process to provide you with expert insights in hours.

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